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Kenilworth Celebrates 95 Years!

Play Ball!

Here is a photo of a local ball team (looks like they are the Orioles) playing at an unidentified ballfield in Kenilworth. Can anyone place the ballfield, identify anyone in the photo or date the photo?� Let us know!

Who ARE these kids?

Who are the kids in this photo? We believe this photo may be of a class attending the McKinley School in Kenilworth. We believe the young girl in the second row from bottom, second from right seated, is from the Lummino family who lived in town. It�s either Thomasina, Josephine, Carmella or Rose. Can you help us to identify any of the other children, or place a date on when this was taken?

Look for more photos to appear here in the future.� As we receive identifying information, we will provide it on this site.� Enjoy 95 years of Kenilworth!

Email can be sent to the Kenilworth Historical Society via [email protected].� Or, contact us via Borough Hall, 276-9090.

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