Board of Health Minutes from 4/21/2005

Kenilworth Board of Health

575 Boulevard

Kenilworth, NJ, 07033


Minutes of the April 21, 2005

The regular meeting of the Board of Health was called to order at 7:02pm. by President DeSciscio who announced that the meeting was being held in conformance with the Open Public Meeting Act.� Sunshine law was read.

On roll call the following members responded as follows:

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Rocco Moscaritolo��� ��������AYE

����������������������� ����������� Susan Kotch������������������������������ ::

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Jerome Forman������������� ������::

����������������������� ����������� Marie Condo (Alt.#1)��������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Patricia Kotch��������������������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Judy DeSciscio������������������������ �::

����������������������� � ����������� Dianne Coraggio�������� ����������� ABSENT

����������������������� ����������� Carla Gabriel��������������� ����������� ���::


Health Officer Ferraioli, Registered Environmental Health Specialist Buttell were present for this evenings meeting. ��Liaison Galasso was absent.

A motion was made by Commissioner S. Kotch and seconded by Vice President P. Kotch to accept the previous minutes.� All in favor.

The monthly reports were discussed, approved and carried on motion by Vice President P. Kotch and seconded by Commissioner Condo.� All in favor.

The monthly income and expenses for March 2005: Income-$6,523.00 and Expenses-$2,552.29.

A motion was then made by Commissioner Gabriel and seconded by Commissioner Coraggio to approve the finance report and pay the current bills.� Motion carried on roll call as follows:

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Rocco Moscaritolo ����������AYE�

���������������������� ����������� Susan Kotch��������������������������� ���::

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Jerome Forman������������������� ::

����������������������������������� Marie Condo (Alt.#1)��������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Patricia Kotch��������������������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Judy DeSciscio������������������������� ::

����������������������� � ����������� Dianne Coraggio�������� ����������� ABSENT

����������������������� ����������� Carla Gabriel� ���������������������������::

����������������������� �����������


Health Officer Ferraioli stated that the Township of Union received a complaint from a Kenilworth resident regarding the noise from the Union Police Department Shooting Range. He explained that Union County provided sound level measurements in 2003 and there were no violations.� The Board recommended that the Kenilworth Health Department write a letter to this resident to acknowledge that we did receive a complaint and that we will coordinate with the County and the Union Police Department to do another reading.

The Chair announced that Commissioner Gabriel arrived at 7:10pm.� �

REHS Buttell stated that she received an e-mail from the Police Chief regarding reverse 911.

Old Business:

Health Officer Ferraioli stated that the State will not provide an authenitification code for Kenilworth therefore, the LHER/BoHR reports cannot be input into the system.� �

There was a brief discussion regarding TOPOFF3.� Health Officer Ferraioli stated that the exercise took place the week of April 4th.

New Business:

There was a discussion regarding the ordinance allowing fowl and live animals.� The Board would like to amend this ordinance and advised REHS Buttell to contact our Liaison for the Mayor and Council�s input.

Commissioner Forman, Finance Chair stated that the finance committee needs to have a meeting once the budget is passed by Mayor and Council.� He also explained that monies cannot be transferred from �Other Expenses� into �Salaries and Wages�.

Commissioner Moscaritolo excused himself at 8:09pm.

A Health Fair Committee Meeting is schedule for May 19, 2005 at 6:30pm prior to the regular Board of Health meeting.

Commissioner S. Kotch made a motion and seconded by Vice President P. Kotch to set monies aside for wireless service.� Motion carried on roll call:

����������������������� ����������� Susan Kotch�������������������������� AYE

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Jerome Forman������������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Carla Gabriel���������������������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Marie Condo (Alt.#1)��������������� ::

����������������������� ����������� Patricia Kotch� ��������������������������::

����������������������� ����������� Judy DeSciscio������������������������� ::

����������������������� � ����������� Dianne Coraggio�������� ��������ABSENT

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Rocco Moscaritolo������������� ::

Commissioners Report:��

Liaisons Report:

President DeSciscio then opened the meeting to the public at 8:21p.m., hearing none closed the meeting at 8:21p.m. �

A motion was then made by Vice President P. Kotch and seconded by Commissioner Condo to adjourn the meeting at 8:21p.m.

Next scheduled meeting will be May 19, 2005 at: 7:00p.m.

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