Board of Health Minutes from5/19/2011

Kenilworth Board of Health

575 Boulevard

Kenilworth, NJ07033

(908) 276-2740

Minutes of May 19, 2011 Meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Health was called to order at 7:04 p.m. by President

Randy Moscaritolo who announced that the meeting was being held in conformance with the Open Public Meeting Act.The Sunshine Law was read.

On roll call the following members responded as follows:

����������������������� ����������� Randy Moscaritolo����������������� Present����������� �����������������������������������������������

����������������������� ����������� Carla Gabriel�� ����������������������� Absent

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Forman���������������������������� Present

����������������������� ����������� Trudy Neuhauser������������������� Absent

����������������������� ����������� Jeanine Pentz������������������������ Present

����������������������� ����������� Adina Lee������������������������������� Present


Health Officer Ferraioli and REHS Cardenas were present for this evening�s meeting.

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to accept the regular minutes of the previous meeting.�� All in favor.

The monthly reports were discussed, approved and carried on motion by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee.

The Monthly income and expenses for April:� Income:� $429.00 and Expenses:� $791.18

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to approve the finance report and pay the current bills.� Motion carried on roll call as follows:

Randy Moscaritolo����������������������������� Aye

Carla Gabriel�� ����������������������������������� Aye

Dr. Forman���������������������������� ����������� Aye �����������������������������������

Trudy Neuhauser������������������������������� Aye����� �����������������������������������

Jeanine Pentz������������ ����������������������� Aye����� �����������������������

Adina Lee������������������������������� ����������� Aye


The Health Officer spoke about the memo he sent to the Board Members in regard to Emergency Notifications.� �He stated there were two emergencies in town, in which he was not contacted, but which he did find out about afterwards.� He stated that he really must be notified in these types of instances in case there is a need to take immediate action.� After a brief discussion it was decided that Health Officer Ferraioli would send a letter to Chief Grady, asking him to notify the dispatcher that the Health Department be put on their notification list.

The memo sent to Board members in regard to the employee manual and time off for employees was discussed next.�� The Health Officer stated it needs to be resolved.� �After a discussion, It was decided that the Health Officer would draft up a paper which would state �At the discretion of the Board, the Board has elected to do�� and then basically spell out what it means.�� After this is done and the Board can see exactly what the benefits are and pass it at the next meeting.

The REHS then discussed his upcoming eye surgery and the need for time off on Friday, May 27, 2011.� It was decided that he would take a half a day off.

The next piece of correspondence discussed was a memo regarding Ann Marie Rice and the illegal dog sales.�� The Health Officer stated that a Notice was sent to her on April 21, 2011.�� Miss Rice came to the office and spoke to the REHS on the 27th of April.� She claimed she is a rescue group and is not selling animals from her house�� The Health Officer questioned if this operation requires licensing or not? ��He stated that there is nothing in our local codes that would allow us to license her. After a discussion about the local codes, Dr. Forman requested that the Health Officer bring, to the next meeting, recommended codes for the Borough of Kenilworth, which he said he would do. ��The Health Officer then said there is the issue of this being done in a residential area; he said the Zoning Department should take the lead. ���He recommended that the Zoning Department bring Ms. Rice back to court because she is in violation of Zoning Regulations.� He felt that once she is brought into court, if there is no proof that she is operating a pet store, shelter or boarding place or that she has more than 3 dogs, the Health Department cannot take any legal action. ��The Health Officer stated since she lives in the Judge�s home he would have to recuse himself if this is taken to court.

The last item of correspondence discussed was a letter sent to Ms. Vitale regarding an indoor air quality investigation.� The REHS stated this started as a complaint on April 8, from one of the tenants in this building in regard to a carpet cleaning business being operated below the apartment. The complainant stated that the fumes were migrating to her apartment from downstairs. �Upon investigation, this was confirmed.� The REHS checked the Material Safety Data Sheet on the chemicals they use in the process of cleaning the carpets, and it did not specify that the products were toxic.� �The tenant has since then moved out. �Since the fumes did migrate through the ventilation and heating system, we recommended that the landlord do an investigation before she rents out the apartment again.�


In regard to the septic tank at 157 Sumner Avenue, the Health Officer stated that because of the rainy weather we�ve been �having, Mr. Papparatto has been given extra time to complete this, but if it is not completed by next week, we will take them back to court.

The Health Officer spoke about the Other Side of Town Deli.�� He stated they have a few more things to do.� ��He said once he receives the information, he will give them the okay and wait for their request for the preoperational inspection.

Dr. Forman asked about Sweet Treats and Gifts and the Inspector stated they had opened.

The REHS stated that he did the preoperational inspection on La Campagnola and that they should now be open.

The REHS stated that this Monday will be his last day of class for the CMR Course.� He informed the Board that the secretary had passed her test.�� The Health Officer then called for the secretary to be appointed as the Registrar.

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to appoint Karen Kizelevich as the Registrar.��

Randy Moscaritolo����������������������������� Aye

Carla Gabriel�������������������������������������� Aye�����������������

Dr. Forman���������������������������������������� Aye

Trudy Neuhauser������������������������������� Aye�����

Jeanine Pentz������������������������������������ Aye�����������������������������

Adina Lee������������������������������������������� Aye

New Business:

The Health Officer stated that the BOE sent an update for the Point of Distribution Plan which will now be incorporated in the manual which is being updated.�� The original manual was prepared in 2007.� He said the information learned from pandemic flu clinics will be also be added to the manual.�� The cost for the update is being funded by a New Jersey Health Officer�s mini grant of $10,000.� It will soon be finished and he will have enough copies for everyone on the Board and all other officials.

The Health Officer stated he was trying to set up a meeting with the Local Emergency Planning Committee for both the Township and the Borough to introduce the POD Plan as it has been revised.�� Because of things that have come up in Union, he may have to put the plan together without having an introductory meeting.

The REHS stated there were 10 different food facility inspections this month that were all satisfactory.

Dr. Forman questioned a private party which was held at Jimmy Buff�s.�� The Health Officer said that the proprietor of Jimmy Buff�s wanted to know if people could bring their own alcohol for a private party.� ��Due to the fact that this was a private party and people were bringing in alcohol and there being a possibility of minors being involved, the Health Officer said it was something the Police Department would have to investigate so he referred it to them.

Dr. Forman then questioned if a replacement had been named for Commissioner Pugliese who had resigned.� The Health Officer stated he had sent a memo to the Mayor requesting a replacement, but to date, he has heard nothing.� He said there are actually two openings.

Commissioner�s Reports:� None

Council Liaisons� Reports:� Absent

Opened Meeting to Public:� 7:53

Closed Meeting to Public:� 7:53���������������

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to adjourn the meeting at 7:53 p.m.

Next scheduled meeting will be June 16, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Reviewed for Content and Form:

John J. Ferraioli, H.O.

Director/Health Officer

Submitted by:

Karen Kizelevich

Board Secretary/Clerk Typist

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