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Minutes of June 16, 2011 Meeting

The regular meeting of the Board of Health was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President

Carla Gabriel who announced that the meeting was being held in conformance with the Open Public Meeting Act.� The Sunshine Law was read.

On roll call the following members responded as follows:

����������������������� ����������� Randy Moscaritolo����������������� Absent �����������������������������������������������

����������������������� ����������� Carla Gabriel�� ����������������������� Present

����������������������� ����������� Dr. Forman���������������������������� Present

����������������������� ����������� Trudy Neuhauser������� ����������� Present

����������������������� ����������� Jeanine Pentz������������������������ Present

����������������������� ����������� Adina Lee������������������������������� Present

Liaison Scott Klinder, Health Officer Ferraioli and REHS Cardenas were present for this evening�s meeting.

The Assistant Health Officer of Union Township, Marconi Gapas was introduced to the Board.� Mr. Gapas will be appointed to the Health Officer position as of January 1, 2012.


A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Neuhauser to accept the regular minutes of the previous meeting.�� All in favor.

The monthly reports were discussed, approved and carried on motion by Commissioner Neuhauser and seconded by Commissioner Pentz.� All in favor.

The Monthly income and expenses for April:� Income:� $438.00 and Expenses:� $2,576.07

A motion was made to approve the finance report and pay the current bills.� Motion carried on roll call as follows:

����������������������������������� Randy Moscaritolo����������������������������� Absent������������������������������������������������������������ ����������� ����������� Carla Gabriel�� ����������������������������������� Aye�����������������

����������������������������������� Dr. Forman���������������������������� ����������� Aye

����������������������������������� Trudy Neuhauser������������������������������� Aye�����

����������������������������������� Jeanine Pentz������������ ����������������������� Aye����� �����������������������

����������������������������������� Adina Lee������������������������������� ����������� Aye


The Health Officer discussed a Memo written by himself to Chief Grady requesting �during an emergency, they notify Mr. Cardenas or himself.�� He stated he spoke to Captain Zimmerman and said this would be done.


The first Item discussed was the 157 Sumner Avenue septic tank removal.� The REHS

informed the Board that he issued a summons to Mr. Papparatto on the June 8, in regard to the closure of the septic tank because it has not been closed and he had been provided ample time to close the tank. The REHS said he then received a call on the June 13, to witness the closure of the septic tank. He stated that they still have not provided us with certification that they can connect to the Roselle Park sewer system, which is what Mr. Papparatto had planned to do. �Vice President Gabriel questioned how many summonses were issued and the Health Officer stated that it was one. The Health Officer explained that due to the fact that the tank has been closed, when Mr. Papparatto goes to Court and explains the job was done, there will be some lenience given to him.

In regard to the Other Side of Town Deli, �which is a proposed food facility, the Health Officer

said that the plans had been approved.� He said the items we are waiting for them to provide us with are the hood, the specifications for that, and a grease trap. He said when he last spoke to them, two or three weeks ago, they indicated they would get this to us, but, to date, have not.

The Health Officer then spoke about the Proposed Dog Licensing Codes and the package supplied to the Board Members.� He said that due to the fact that there is nothing in our ordinances presently that deals with pet stores, he put together a package from Union Township Ordinance, Chapter 551.� He stated that it is quite extensive and the only item not included, which is in the Kenilworth Ordinance is the number of animals allowed at a residence.� It does require the licensing of shelters, pounds and kennels.�� Vice President Gabriel questioned if it covered Rescues and the Health Officer stated that according to a State survey, there are certain conditions to look for at a Rescue and if those conditions exist, then the State would define it as a kennel.� The Health Officer said, in reference to Ms. Rice, first we would have to proceed with putting the ordinance into effect and then look at Ms. Rice�s operation. After a discussion, it was decided that since Ms. Rice is selling dogs from a private home, it is an issue for Zoning.� The Council Liaison stated he spoke to Bob Herbert about this a few times and that he would speak to him again.

The next item discussed was the Resolution for Proposed Employee Benefits.�� This Resolution is to accept the Employee Handbook which had been drafted by the Mayor and Borough Council in February 2009.�� The Health Officer questioned the Board if they wanted to accept the handbook with the modification.��� A motion was made by Dr. Forman to accept the Kenilworth Board of Health Resolution of June 16, 2011.�� It was seconded by Commissioner Pentz.� The Vice President questioned if there was any further discussion needed.� The Secretary questioned that since she would never accumulate more than five days vacation and receives no Personal Days, would she be able take a week vacation, or a personal day without pay.� The Board agreed that this would not be a problem.

Motion carried on a roll call as follows:

����������������������������������� Randy Moscaritolo����������������������������� Absent������������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������� Carla Gabriel�������������������������������������� Aye�����������������

����������������������������������� Dr. Forman���������������������������������������� Aye

����������������������������������� Trudy Neuhauser������������������������������� Aye�����

����������������������������������� Jeanine Pentz������������������������������������ Aye�����������������������������

����������������������������������� Adina Lee������������������������������������������� Aye

New Business:

The REHS then spoke about the upcoming Health Fair.�� He stated on the May 27, 2011, he met with Father Joe to discuss the Health Fair which is to be held on Saturday, September 24.� It will be held from 9 A.M. �to 12 P.M.� �It was agreed that the Health Department would have an hour and a half before for set up and then an hour and a half after for breakdown.� He stated that Father Joe is also allowing us to set up on Friday, September 23 in the gym.� He said he also requested extra space for the Flu Clinic and they are allowing us to use a first grade classroom which is closest to the cafeteria and gym.�� Letters were sent out to all vendors on May 30, 2011.�� Dr. Agresti will not be able to attend the fair due to the fact that he will be out of state.� He said he would provide us with the proper documentation that will be needed with regard to the Flu Shot Clinic.� The REHS stated he and President Moscaritolo decided the prizes given for the essay contest would be $100 for First Place and $75 for Second place as opposed to the three prizes which were given out in previous years.�� A letter in regard to the essay contest was sent out to the schools. �To date, Brearley Middle School will not be participating, Harding School 6th grade will be participating and St. Theresa�s is still pending. ��The REHS stated that to date there are 11 vendors who will be attending. The Health Officer stated that the Health Department would pay for the blood screening for residents, the exception being if someone wants a PSA.� He said there a higher charge for that and the residents would have to pay.� The Health Officer said that after looking at another laboratory it was decided to stay with the lab that has been used in the past.�� ��He stated that Vaxcare will have the vaccine available for the flu program.�� Medicare will cover the cost of this for the seniors.�� Those who are not covered by Medicare will pay $20.00.�� He said arrangements will be made for the flu shots to be given at the Senior Center in addition to the Health Fair. Commissioner Neuhauser questioned if they would need volunteers to do the paperwork and the Health Officer said yes.�� He stated he will ask the high school for a few volunteers from the upper classes, also.� He said he would like the Committee to meet around the beginning of September to finalize the issues and be prepared to set up on that Friday and Saturday.� He then requested that the REHS reach out to the Committee in the beginning of September to set up the meeting.

The REHS, in response to a complaint, looked at a drainage ditch located on the end of Arbor Street that apparently accumulates storm water.�� It is between Kenilworth and Cranford. ��He said there has been some debate about who responsibility this is. The Health Officer stated that this is more of an engineering problem then it is a health matter. ��If the water accumulates for more than five days it will be a mosquito breeder. He said we can try to temporarily fix the problem by contacting the Mosquito Control Commission, but the permanent solution is more of an Engineering problem.� He said that Elmer did send a letter to the Engineer.� Who in response said that it is a legal issue.� He suggested we speak to the DPW to have them clean out to the end of the road.

The REHS then spoke with regard to Violation Letter which had been sent out to I Love Bagels and Big Apple Pizza. ��He said they share the same dumpster and it was a mess.� However, they got together and cleaned it up.

The Violation Letter for Bagels 4 U was given to due a complaint received in regard to stagnant water. ��The REHS contacted the owner who said he is working with engineers to correct the problem.� �The REHS advised him that in the interim the water needed to be eliminated.� The owner agreed to have his maintenance person get rid of the water in the mean time.

The REHS said all of the current food facility inspections were given a satisfactory rating.

Commissioner�s Reports:� None

Council Liaisons� Report:�

The Fireman�s Carnival will be Monday, August 15 through Saturday August 20, 2011.

A Memorial Service is being held on 9/11.� He said they are accepting donations for building supplies for a memorial which will be built with a steel piece from the world trade center.

The Library is celebrating their 75th Anniversary with a Library fest.�

Opened Meeting to Public:� 7:41

Closed Meeting to Public:� 7:41

A motion was made by Commissioner Neuhauser and seconded by Commissioner Pentz to adjourn the meeting at 7:42 p.m.

Next scheduled meeting will be September 15, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.

Reviewed for Content and Form:

John J. Ferraioli, H.O.

Director/Health Officer

Submitted by:

Karen Kizelevich

Board Secretary/Clerk Typist

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