Notice To All Retail Food Establishments

February 2005


In the New Jersey State Regulations governing Retail Food Establishments N.J.A.C. 8:24-1.1 et seq reference is made to handling of food no less than 20 times.

The CDC warns us to keep hands washed in order to avoid colds and flu and other diseases.� The CDC also warns that most food borne disease is caused by improper handling of foods.

So, if we know that Health Authorities are so concerned about hands and handling food why do we ignore good hand hygiene?� Did you know that many of the communicable diseases are transmitted from person to person by hands?� A common expression used by Health Authorities investigating food borne illnesses is the �fecal oral route� whereby fecal waste is conveyed to the mouth primarily by unwashed hands!


  • Protect food from unnecessary handling
  • Wash hands after handling raw foods
  • Use utensils and equipment to minimize manual contact of foods
  • Maintain good hand hygiene � wash hands before handling food and as often as is necessary during food prep
  • Washing hands is mandatory after visiting the toilet, eating, smoking, handling raw foods, and before food preparation
  • Handle clean cups, dishes, glasses, forks, knives, spoons and other food contact utensils by handles only

The way you handle food is easily observed by your customers.� If they don�t like what they see they will call us to investigate.

John J. Ferraioli

Health Officer

Judith DeSciscio � President

Board of Health

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