Message from William Dowd, Chief of Police

September 15, 2004

Hello Everyone..

The pre-night program for National Night Out in front of Borough Hall was a huge success. The evening was enjoyed by everyone. Mayor David, Union County Prosecutor Ted Romankow, Assistant Prosecutor Bob OLeary, Kenilworth Council Members and many Police Officers were in attendance, as well as a large turnout from the public. Thanks go to all the Police Officers who volunteered their time to make the night a success.

With the fall season upon us, we are asking residents not to park on piles of leaves. Weve had car fires in the past when vehicles, through their red-hot exhaust systems, ignite leaves on fire underneath the parked car. Both the Police Dept. and Fire Dept. are urging everyone to avoid parking on leaves to avoid this problem.

I am proud to announce that Ive been selected to be this years inductee into the David Brearley Hall of Fame. It is truly an honor that I have been chosen for this award.   

Its a pleasure to serve as your Chief of Police and if I can be of assistance to anyone, feel free to contact me at 276-1705.

Chief William Dowd

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