Swine Flu Information

Swine Flu Outbreak Information

There are currently NO known cases of Swine flu in Kenilworth at this time.� We are simply taking precautionary measures by asking people to apply common sense hygiene practices as follows:

  1. Avoid contact with ill people as we are still in a seasonal flu period.
  2. Cough or sneeze by covering the mouth and nose with disposable tissues, if tissues are not available use your sleeve.
  3. Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 62% alcohol.
  4. If you are ill avoid close contact with others (close contact is within 6 feet).� Stay home and seek medical attention and ask your doctor about antivirals.� DO NOT go to work, school or travel if you are sick.
  5. Keep in touch with Public Service Announcements through the print media, TV networks, radio stations and internet sites.

The Borough of Kenilworth Department of Health with the assistance of out OEM which includes; Police, Dept. of Public works, Fire, our communication office and our school systems are planning to address the response to and the containment of the present outbreak should it come to our community.� The Kenilworth Health Department involvement includes at this time:� Surveillance which is in progress; Investigation of outbreaks which is anticipated; education of public and stockholders also in progress and planning for point of distribution when vaccine becomes available.

We will be providing information about Swine Flu through our TV Cable Station 36 for those who may be interested.� Again, please keep in touch with the media, TV 36 and the print media for updates.� Those with specific questions relative to travel to those areas of the outbreak or exposure to sickly individuals from those areas you may call the Health Department at 908-276-2740 or send us as email to:� [email protected].�

Please do not call 911 for information about this outbreak.

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