Board of Health Minutes from 5/21/2009

Kenilworth Board of Health

 575 Boulevard

Kenilworth, NJ, 07033



Minutes of the May 21, 2009

The regular meeting of the Board of Health was called to order at 7:00 pm. by President Randy Moscaritolo who announced that the meeting was being held in conformance with the Open Public Meeting Act.  Sunshine law was read.

On roll call the following members responded as follows:

                                    Randy Moscaritolo                 PRESENT                                                                                           Dr. Jerome Forman                      “

Carla Gabriel                           ABSENT

                                    Susan   Ryan                                “

Trudy Neuhauser                         “

Jeanine Pentz                          PRESENT

Dr. Antonio Pugliese              ABSENT

Adina Lee                               PRESENT


Health Officer Ferraioli was present for this evenings meeting.  Commissioner Adina Lee arrived at 7:25 pm.

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Forman to accept the regular minutes of the previous meeting.  All in favor.

The monthly reports were discussed, approved and carried on motion by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Forman.  All in favor.

The monthly income and expenses for April: Income-$871.50 and Expenses-$1,108.99

A motion was then made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to approve the finance report and pay the current bills.  Motion carried on roll call as follows:

                                    Randy Moscaritolo                 AYE                                                                                                    Dr. Jerome Forman                   “

                                    Jeanine Pentz                            “

                                    Adina Lee                                 “




New Business:

PHPF: Balance for Health Educator. Health Officer Ferraioli stated the Health Dept. received $1,580.00 for the full year.  The monies will be used for payment to Visiting Nurses Service for health education. 

A motion was then made by Commissioner Lee and seconded by Commissioner Pentz to approve using the monies to pay for the VHS.  Motion carried on roll call as follows:

                                    Randy Moscaritolo                 AYE                                                                                                    Dr. Jerome Forman                   “

                                    Jeanine Pentz                            “

                                    Adina Lee                                 “

Novel A/H1N1 Flu Strain was briefly discussed.  No deaths have been reported in New Jersey.   The total number of cases nation wide 5,764 with 9 deaths from underlying causes.   Health Officer Ferraioli then stated the precautions used to avoid the flu.   As far as school closing there has been no school closings.  There is supposed to be a vaccine by October which will be a separate shot.  There have been suspected cases in Union County but not have turned out to be the Swine Flu.   

The Health Department received a report from the DEP concerning the Shell Service Station ground water.  We have reached out to the Shell Corporation.  We have not heard back from them.

The DEP will be putting a monitoring device in the A & P and Kenilworth Inn to monitor whether the ground water is affected in these areas.

Old Business:  

The Municipal Rabies Clinic was discussed.  Health Officer Ferraioli stated he has found a veterinarian, Dr. Markowitz and his vet. technician.  The cost of the vet will be $75. an hour and the tech $25. an hour.  The Board agreed date of the clinic will be October 4th from 10 am to 1 pm.  We have reached out to Associated Humane Society.  They have not responded.  Health Officer Ferraioli stated he would ask the Animal Control Officer from Union if they would assist.  The cost for the ACO would be $15 an hour.

Health Officer Ferraioli discussed the Lead Grant.  New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has state money for the equipment (x-ray analyzer) needed to test for lead in and around homes.  Kenilworth is eligible and would share the equipment with Union.  Our request has been granted by NJ Dept. of Community Affairs.

The Health Fair Committee Meeting schedule was discussed. The Committee Members are Dr. Pugliese, Jeanine Pentz, and Dr. Forman.  There was no decision as to the scheduling of the meeting.  REHS Grady will e-mail everyone with the date.

Commissioners Report:




Liaisons Report: 


Opened meeting to the public at 7:30 p.m.

Closed meeting to public 7:30 p.m.

A motion was made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Lee to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 p.m.

Next scheduled meeting will be June 25th at 7:00 p.m.

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