Board of Health Minutes from 1/21/2010

Kenilworth Board of Health

 575 Boulevard

Kenilworth, NJ, 07033



Minutes of the January 21, 2010

The regular meeting of the Board of Health was called to order at 6:41 pm. by President Randy Moscaritolo who announced that the meeting was being held in conformance with the Open Public Meeting Act.  Sunshine law was read.

On roll call the following members responded as follows:

                                    Randy Moscaritolo                 PRESENT                                                                                           Carla Gabriel                               “

Dr. Jerome Forman                      “

Trudy Neuhauser                         “ 

Jeanine Pentz                               “

                                    Thomas Pugliese                     ABSENT

                                    Susan   Ryan                                 “

Adina Lee                                    “

Health Officer Ferraioli & REHS Grady were present for this evenings meeting.  Liaison Scott Klinder arrived at 6:57 pm.

A motion was made by Commissioner Neuhauser and seconded by Commissioner Pentz to accept the regular minutes of the previous meeting.  All in favor.

The monthly reports were discussed, approved and carried on motion by Commissioner Neuhauser and seconded by Commissioner Pentz.  All in favor.

The monthly income and expenses for December: Income-$261.25 and Expenses-$1,277.84

A motion was then made by Commissioner Pentz and seconded by Commissioner Neuhauser to approve the finance report and pay the current bills.  Motion carried on roll call as follows:

Randy Moscaritolo                   AYE                                                                          Carla Gabriel                               “

Dr. Forman                                   “                                                                 Jeanine Pentz                               “

Trudy Neuhauser                         “ 



The letter to KinderCare Learning Center regarding the H1N1 illness was discussed.   The following Summonses have been issued: Failure to prohibit a child from entering the school while ill; Failure reporting and also isolate the child.   A letter will be sent concerning a new Salmonella case. A child has been identified as a positive carrier of Salmonella, has been treated with antibiotics which does prolong the carrier state.  There is an issue with the child because it is still in diapers.  Precautions need to be taken and those precautions will be enclosed with the letter.

The resolution from the Mayor and Council re-appointing Dr. Forman, Carla Gabriel, Trudy Neuhauser and Adina Lee was introduced.   President Moscaritolo congratulated the members.

The letter of resignation from REHS Grady was introduced.  REHS Grady stated her last day would be February 28th but that she would stay an additional (2 - 3) two or three weeks if she was needed.  There was a discussion concerning a new person for the position.  The requirements were discussed.  President Moscaritolo stated he trained an individual (Elmer).  He stated Elmer did well and suggested he would be good for the job.  President Moscaritolo said he would post the job on the website and also informed the Board Elmer will submit his resume.

New Business:

The 2010 Contract with Holy Redeemer, 2010 Agreement with Elizabeth STD Clinic, and the CHC Agreement were discussed.  The budget was discussed in regard to these contracts.  A motion was made by Commissioner Forman and seconded by Commissioner Pentz to approve contracts pending final dollar approval after final budget by the Council.

Randy Moscaritolo                   AYE                                                                          Carla Gabriel                               “

Dr. Forman                                   “                                                                 Jeanine Pentz                               “

Trudy Neuhauser                         “ 

The Finance Committee Meeting is set for January 27th at 6:30 pm

Rabies Clinic is set for February 28th at the Fire Department from 1 – 3pm pending Lou Giordano’s verification.  There was a brief discussion regarding the cost of the clinic.

Old Business:  


Commissioners Report: 


Liaisons Report: 


Opened meeting to the public at 7:16 p.m.

Closed meeting to public 7:16 p.m.

A motion was made by Vice President Gabriel and seconded by Commissioner Pentz to adjourn the meeting at 7:17 p.m.

Next scheduled meeting will be February 18th at 7:00 p.m.

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