Council Minutes from 9/26/2001



Roll Call at 8:00 P.M. showed the following Council Members present: Carmela Colosimo, Gregg David, Richard Falcetano, Kathi Fiamingo, Ed Galasso and Richard LoForte.

Mayor Tripodi read the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act.

The Salute to the Flag was led by Mayor Tripodi.

Mayor Tripodi announced that because of the unfortunate events of September 11, 2001, the Governing Body is united in the efforts of the Country and share in America’s sorrow and great loss. He read the following resolution:


Introduced by LoForte who also moved its adoption.

Resolution appears on the following page. (Response to the attack on America)

Seconded by Galasso and on roll call unanimously carried.

Mayor Tripodi said that Kenilworth was hit personally by this tragedy by losing two residents, John Tobin who worked for Marsh at the World Trade Center and Robert Kaulfers, a Port Authority Police Officer who was called over to the Trade Center to help save lives and by doing so, lost his.

Mayor Tripodi asked for a moment of silence for the victims and their families which was observed at this time.


It was moved by Falcetano, seconded by Galasso and carried, that the minutes of the Work Session Meeting of August 21st and the Regular Meeting of August 22, 2001 be dispensed with and approved as submitted. (Copies furnished each Council Member prior to the meeting.)


  1. Letter from Lenore and Leonard Achor, 101 No. 13th Street, complaining of chronic sewer
  2. back ups into their home and asking that remedial measures to be taken.

  3. Letter from Sherri and John Bechtold, 622 Quinton Ave., requesting a stop sign at the east &
  4. west corners of Quinton Avenue at the intersection of So. 25th Street.

  5. Letter from the Kenilworth Senior Citizens Club thanking the Governing Body for the use of
  6. the 16th Street Playground for their Annual Field Day on September 13th.


  7. Letter from Newark Avenue residents requesting permission to hold a Block Party on

Saturday, October 13, 2001 from 2 P.M. to 8 P.M.


  1. Municipal Court Report for the month of August, 2001.
  2. Police Department Report for the month of August, 2001.
  3. Construction Department Report for the month of August, 2001.
  4. Borough Clerk’s Report for the month of August, 2001.
  5. Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority Meeting Minutes of August 16, 2001.
  6. Kenilworth Board of Education Meeting Minutes of August 13, 2001.

It was moved by Falcetano, seconded by LoForte and carried, that the above communications be received and filed and any money amounts indicated be spread over the minutes.



Mayor Tripodi reported that the Kenilworth Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squads did

participate on stand-by and provided resources to the clean up and recovery efforts during the

WTC tragedy. He said they did a fine job and will probably be asked to help again in the weeks to come. Mayor Tripodi announced that we had a non-denominational prayer service at St. Theresa’s on September 18th, the Fire Department and Police Department sponsored a candlelight vigil on September 21st, and the PBA sponsored a drive for donations of supplies which were sent to Ground Zero. In memory of John Tobin and Robert Kaulfers, the PBA has collected funds for a monument which will placed somewhere on the front lawn of Borough Hall. He also announced that the Pride in Kenilworth Committee along with the Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce has decided to dedicate the Octoberfest Street Fair to Mr. Tobin and Mr. Kaulfers on October 21st. Mayor Tripodi said we are united here in the Borough,

the flags are out, however, it is important for us to move on, get back to our normal routine, and not to act out against certain groups because we are one family here in America and we need to act accordingly. He also noted that we cancelled our last scheduled meeting as a result of the

tragedy. On the agenda, he noted the following: we will be awarding some bids- from the Senior Focus Grant which will provide improvements to the Senior Citizen Center, a resolution to retain the company to do our Holiday Lighting, we received a $40,000 grant from the State of NJ which will go towards a pumping station, the acknowledgement of Red Ribbon Week which is chaired by Councilwoman Colosimo and the Municipal Drug Alliance, a resolution proclaiming POW/MIA Remembrance Day for which a ceremony was held last week, and a general resolution congratulating the Brearley Hall of Fame inductees. He added that we are very proud that one of our own, Councilwoman Kathi Fiamingo is one of the inductees, along with Dr. Jerome Forman, Christine Melchiore, Ph.D., and Tony Siragusa. Mayor Tripodi also announced that the County Open Space Preservation Fund has a "Field of Dreams" grant program for which the application period has been extended into November and are available at the Clerk’s Office.



Councilwoman Fiamingo noted a few items on the agenda, particularly one which pertains to the street paving of Federal Avenue and North 26th Street. She announced that there is a first reading of the salary ordinance, however, she said she was concerned that there is no specific indication of increases to any of the employees and questioned the fact that simply changing the range does anything to formally award any increases, adding that she would like to make an

amendment which would reflect specific increases.

Mayor Tripodi referred to Borough Attorney Tom Vitale who said this could be done at this time.

Councilwoman Fiamingo made a motion to amend Ordinance No. 2001-18 to include the increases for all non-department heads for a 3 ½ % increase and department heads for a

4% increase. Councilman Falcetano seconded the motion and on roll call unanimously carried.

Councilwoman Fiamingo said she phoned Vincent Gonnella to let him know that the "Field of Dreams" applications are available.


Councilwoman Colosimo reported that the line striping and curbs are now completed, and she noted item #15 on the agenda which will employ Joseph Prisco as a full time driver which will fill a position left vacant when an employee resigned as of September 7th. The leaf machine is ready to go. She noted that we have a severe lack of manpower. Councilwoman

Colosimo said that in reply to a resident’s question from the last meeting regarding street openings, she spoke with our Borough Engineer Mike Disko to find out exactly how we handle them. Dr. Disko said that "core-samples" cost approximately $600. and to do over 100 openings that we have each year would cost the Borough quite a bit of money. A permit to open a street costs $75.00 which goes to the Borough and approximately 99% of the openings are from the water and gas companies. We do log in the openings, however, we do not have a man standing over each one to check them. As far as the backfill is concerned, Dr. Disko said it is quarry process fill or recycled concrete, which is then paved over. The contractor’s money is put in escrow where it will stay for 6 months to a year to see if it settles or not. The balance of the street openings are usually caused by sewer problems. Dr. Disko said the plumbing inspector should be spot checking them, but since we do not have a full time inspector, this would be difficult. Dr. Disko does check the street openings 1 or 2 times daily to ensure that they are being back filled properly. On another note, she reported that today was bulky waste pick up and all seems to have gone smoothly. She said the recycling company did have a problem with man power two weeks ago, September 11th, but everything eventually was picked up.






Councilman Galasso reported that he was in receipt of the Police Department’s report for last month and noted the following highlights: in response to resident’s complaints a speed monitor

was placed on Vernon Avenue to alert motorists of the speed in which they were traveling and this week Sgt. Grady will have a new monitor out which will be able to tell us the exact amount of cars and their speed, hour by hour. The Department has entered into a Regional Consortium

with Roselle Park, Garwood, and Cranford Police Departments to form a Domestic Violence Response Team as required by NJ Statute. We have applied for a funding grant offered through the State Office of Victim Witness Advocacy and in order to complete this application the participating municipalities must have a resolution passed, (Resolution #12). He reported a complaint received from a resident pertaining to a bus stop located in front of his home at

155 S. Michigan Avenue. After Sgt. Grady met with the NJ Transit Authority, it was determined that it does cause a hazard and it will be moved and we will have a resolution at our next meeting to authorize this. Councilman Galasso also announced that the County will be repaving North

Michigan Avenue from the Boulevard to Route 22 and due to the heavy volume of traffic, have

requested that they be able to do the work on the weekend. They have requested the weekend of

October 20th, however, since that will conflict with the Octoberfest, they will do it either the weekend before or the weekend after. Union County Assignment Judge Beglin has issued a

directive to all municipalities requiring a uniformed, armed police officer to be present at all

courts while they are in session. This is in addition to our regular court officer.


Councilman LoForte announced that he was in receipt of the Building Department’s reports for the month of August and total receipts were $14,787. There were $5,977. in building fees, $188.

in state fees, $320. in smoke detector fees, and $8,302. in elevator fees. There were 33 new permits issued and 6 permit updates. The Zoning Enforcement Officer acted on 19 zoning complaints last month. The Planning Board will be meeting tomorrow night at 8:00 P.M. here at Borough Hall. Councilman LoForte also said with the arrival of the new Senior Citizen’s bus, he has suggested to the Governing Body that now that we have two buses, one can be used to

provide transportation for scheduled doctor visits within a short distance of the Borough. The

Governing Body is willing to listen to a proposal from the Seniors on how to implement this program. He also noted an ordinance on today’s agenda which will amend the fee schedule for

handicap accessibility improvements.


Councilman Falcetano reported that the Kenilworth Fire and Rescue Squads were among those who responded on Sept. 11th and he wanted to be sure that it was on record that we are very

proud of them, their bravery and their commitment to duty and helping others in the face of extreme danger. In conjunction with the Police Department, the Fire and Rescue Squads held a candlelight vigil last Friday at which time they raised funds for the NYC Fire Departments and

Police Departments. Councilman Falcetano also read the following letter into the minutes:



Dear Senior Citizens:

The Kenilworth Volunteer Fire Department is again offering battery operated smoke detectors, free of

charge to the Senior Citizens of Kenilworth. The Fire Department is asking that the Seniors mail a

request to the Fire Department at 491 Washington Avenue, Kenilworth with the following information

included: Name, address, phone number and the number of smoke detectors requested. A representative

of the Fire Department will deliver the smoke detectors to their homes.

Louis Giordino

Fire Chief


Councilman David announced that he was in receipt of the Welfare Director’s reports for the months of April, May, June, and July. The Welfare Department had their 3rd quarterly meeting at which time amongst other business, they hired a new secretary. He also reported that he has the minutes of the Board of Health’s June 21st meeting and their Special Meeting of

July 24th and also their reports for the months of June and July. Councilman David said he

has the Library’s reports for the months of June and July. He reported that at the last Board of Health meeting, one of the members lodged a complaint about the Rogers property on South Michigan Avenue, due to the fact that it is unkept. At last night’s work session, Councilman David said he requested the Department of Public Works look into cleaning the property and the cost of doing so would be taxed onto the tax lien which is already on the property. He also reported that grease was found in the sewer system on Market Street, so he contacted our Health Officer who will be going down to investigate and track the flow, with the help of the DPW who need to lift the covers from the streets.


Consolidated Bill List appears on the following pages.


Resolutions No. 2 through 25 are listed under Consent Agenda attached and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. All items will be recorded individually in full in the minutes

Council Member LoForte moved that all items listed under Consent Agenda be approved, seconded by Council Member Fiamingo. Upon roll call the vote was unanimous.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That all bills be paid when properly audited and funds are available.



Be It Hereby Resolved: Whereas, the following property was issued a building permit, and fees were received by the Building Department;

Whereas, it has been found that the contractor is due a refund, as a permit was not required for the work.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved: that the Treasurer be and is hereby authorized to draw a warrant to refund the following amount to:

Pro Tank Services

1 Rahway River Pky.

Union, NJ 07083

Amount of $46.00 to contractor for Permit #01-0317

Property located at: 24 South 23rd Street, Block 118, Lot 16


Be It Hereby Resolved: Whereas, the following property was issued an electrical, building and

plumbing permit, and fees were received by the Building Department;

Whereas, it has been found that she is entitled to a senior citizen reduced fee as per Borough Ordinance No. 99-5,

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved: that the Treasurer be and is hereby authorized to draw a warrant to refund the following amount to:

Elizabeth Kurzman

41 South 24th Street

Kenilworth, NJ 07033

Amount of $250.00 for Property located at: 41 South 24th Street


Resolution appears on the following page. (Authorizing the application and execution of a Grant from the New Jersey Department of Community

Affairs of $40,000 for a Pump Station in the



Resolution appears on the following page. (Authorizing All National Flags & Banner Company

to supply and install Year 2001 Holiday Season

street lighting - $7,500.)







Be It Hereby Resolved: That Thompson-Foti Associates, Inc. , 311 Main Street, Spotswood, NJ 08884, be awarded the Kenilworth Senior Citizens Center Sound System Project for a

total cost of $11,100.00

Be It Further Resolved that pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:34-5.1 et seq. Local Public Contacts law, the required Certificate of Availability of Funds has been obtained from the

Chief Finance Officer of the Borough of Kenilworth. The appropriations to be charged for these expenditures are: Senior Focus Initiative Grant – 1-01-70-080-017.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Borough of Kenilworth award the contract for "Commercial

Natural Gas" to NUI Energy, Inc. 550 Route 202-206, Bedminster, NJ 0792 for a period from 11/1/01 – 10/30/02 based on the award of bids by the Union County Cooperative pricing system.


Resolution appears on the following page. (Treasurer authorized to refund Tax Sale Certificate

#98-001 = $21,581.57)


Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Mayor’s appointment of Anthony Lopez, Karen DiFabio, and Debra Graham as Alternate School Crossing Guards for the Year 2001, be and the same is hereby confirmed.


Resolution appears on the following page. (Mayor’s proclamation of October 23rd – 31, 2001

as "Red Ribbon Week")


Resolution appears on the following page. (That the Governing Body express support of the

Kenilworth Police Department’s participation in

the Roselle Park/Kenilworth/Garwood/Cranford

Regional Domestic Violence Response Team)








Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Borough Clerk be authorized to issue the following Raffle Licenses: #714 to the Kenilworth Jets, for an Off-Premise 50/50 to be held on 11/4/01

#734 to the Knights of Columbus #4186 for 6 Carnival Games to be played at the

Kenilworth Octoberfest held on October 21, 2001

#735 to Special Olympics NJ, Inc. for an On-Premise Mdse. Raffle to be held on


#736 to Special Olympics NJ, Inc. for an On-Premise 50/50 to be held on 10/7/01

#737 to Harding School PTO for an Off-Premise 50/50 to be held on 10/24/01

#738 to Harding School PTO for an On-Premise 50/50 to be held on 10/24/01

#739 to Harding School PTO for an On-Premise Mdse. Raffle to be held on 10/4/01


Resolution appears on the following page. (Treasurer authorized to refund Tax Sale Certificate

#01-001 = $7,705.29)


Be It Hereby Resolved: That Joseph Prisco be employed as a full time Driver in the

Kenilworth Department of Public Works at a rate of $12.73 per hour effective October 1, 2001.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That Karen Jaeckel be employed as a part time Clerk in the Kenilworth Police Department at a rate of $10.00 per hour effective September 17, 2001.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That the hours of Debra Weiss, be increased from 20 hours a week to

24 hours per week.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Mayor’s appointment of Steve Byars, as a member of the Recreation Committee for an unexpired term ending 12/31/01, be and the same is hereby confirmed.


Resolution appears on the following page. (Awarding bid for "Reconstruction of Federal

Avenue and North 26th Street" to Barone

Construction & Equipment Corp. =$198,288.)



Resolution appears on the following page. (Awarding bid for "Proposed Kitchen and Restroom

Improvements to Senior Citizens Center" to

G. Pacillo Mechanical, LLC – total: $27,100.)


Resolution appears on the following page. (Awarding bid for "Improvements to Exhaust Fan

System at Senior Citizens Center" to Innovational

Construction and Design = total: $19,300.)


Resolution appears on the following page. (Awarding the "Crack Sealing on Various Streets"

project to Micro Pave Systems, Inc. – total

$11, 889.20)


Resolution appears on the following page. (Proclaiming "POW/MIA Remembrance Day")


Resolution appears on the following page. (Opposing State Senate Bill S-2069 – "Home Based

Business Bill")


Resolution appears on the following page. (Congratulating the 2001 Brearley Hall of Fame

inductees; Kathi Fiamingo, Esq.; Dr. Jerome

Forman; Christine Melchior, Ph.D., and Tony


Proposed Ordinance No. 2001-17 was read for a first reading as follows: (copy attached)



Mayor Tripodi explained that this will waive the building department fees for residents who

need to make handicap improvements to their properties. The Mayor noted that there was

in error in the wording on this ordinance and noted the word "activity" meant to read "acuity" in reference to the description of blindness.



A motion was made by Councilwoman Fiamingo, seconded by Councilman Falcetano and unanimously carried, to amend Proposed Ordinance No. 2001-17 by changing the words

"activity" to "acuity".


Introduced by LoForte who also moved its adoption.

Be It Hereby Resolved: That Proposed Ordinance No. 2001-17, be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and ordered published for final hearing on October 24, 2001.

Seconded by Falcetano and on roll call unanimously carried.

Proposed Ordinance No. 2001-18 was read for a first reading as follows: (Copy attached)



Mayor Tripodi explained that this is the salary ordinance which is voted on every year to encompass the yearly increases for Borough Employees. As Councilwoman Fiamingo moved earlier in her report, it has been amended to reflect the increases.


Introduced by Fiamingo who also moved its adoption.

Be It Hereby Resolved: That Proposed Ordinance No. 2001-18, be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and ordered published for final hearing on October 10, 2001.

Seconded by Galasso and on roll call unanimously carried.


Councilwoman Colosimo said that she has had the privilege of knowing Bob Kaulfers who was a Port Authority Police Officer. He is a man of valor and a true hero and every resident in Kenilworth should be honored to have had such a person among us. He and his wife were actively involved in every aspect of our community. His wife Cookie was involved in the Historical Society and PTO, and they both were everywhere around the town. They have two beautiful children and losing Bob is a great loss for not only his family but to our community.

She said she was not fortunate enough to know Mr. Tobin but has heard nothing but wonderful

things about him and she sends her condolences to both families. Councilwoman Colosimo spoke about the agreement between the Democratic Party and Republican Party last year where


she and Chairperson Don Rica agreed to limit the amount of signs which will be displayed during the election season, limiting them to 4 large signs and 2 smaller signs. In regards to the WTC tragedy, Councilwoman Colosimo and Don both agreed that this is still a democracy and they should proceed as normal, not allowing anyone to be able to take that away. She and Don have agreed to keep this understanding because they said they are proud to live in a country where they are fortunate enough to have the right and the privilege to chose the people who will represent them, unlike many other countries in the world. She thanked chairman Don Rica for continuing this agreement. Councilwoman Colosimo said she was also very proud of the Fire Department and the Police Department because she knows that every single member would risk their life to save another and thanked God for heroes like Bob Kaulfers and the over 6000 other lost souls. She was also very proud of the Governing Body who all came together for the services and represented the town as one entity. On another note, she congratulated Kathi Fiamingo and the others who are being inducted to the David Brearley Hall of Fame.

Councilwoman Fiamingo said she agreed with everything Councilwoman Colosimo so eloquently said, and also thanked her for her congratulations. Councilwoman Fiamingo congratulated both Carmela and Don for coming to an agreement in regards to continuing with the campaign and the ban on lawn signs. She said she would be pleased if the lawn sign ban would continue every year.


Alex Kuriawa, South 24th Street, said he has lived in this town for 40 or more years and he is disgusted with looking at the back wall by the police department, adding that someone will get hurt and it will be bad. Also he complained that the sidewalks in front of the Community Center are loaded with acorns and chestnuts which are never swept up and a senior citizen could very

easily slip and fall. He said something should be done.

Fred Soos, Epping Drive, commended the Mayor and Council for putting the flags up, including the two large flags. He said they look wonderful and make everyone feel good. He also thanked them for taking part in the ecumenical prayer mass and the candlelight vigil. Mr. Soos said our Fire, Rescue and Police Departments also needed to be commended for not only what they do here in Kenilworth, but for what they do outside the Borough. The Police Dept. sponsored a supply drive and it was very nice to see the overwhelming response, such as a little girl bringing a flashlight, or the Kaulfers children bringing donations, saying that it was very touching. It shows what a great town this is, and how they come together in a time of need. We should be very proud to live in this town. He said he would also like to see a flag flown in front of every house. He also reported that the police recently held a bash and are donating all of the proceeds.

Mr. Soos said "thank you".

Debra Weiss, Quinton Ave., said that she is here to ask for stop signs for her street because people cut through to go from Michigan to Orange and go way too fast. She has children and she is afraid that if something is not done, someone is going to get hurt.


Mayor Tripodi said that this was discussed at last night’s work session meeting and the police department will be dispatching Traffic Sgt. Grady to study the situation.

Councilman Galasso said that he will report back on their findings.

Shirley Maxwell, Kenilworth Historical Society, in regards to their efforts in trying to obtain and restore the historic Nitschke House as a museum for the Borough, said that she understands that the Governing Body has agreed to allow them to move the house to a piece of Borough property, should that action become necessary to save it. She said they are here to thank the Governing Body for their support which is always greatly appreciated.

Mayor Tripodi said that he and Councilman David always advocate the Historical Society’s interests and will continue to work with them to bring this to fruition.

Mr. Soos said he was here in May and questioned the parking situation in front of Harding School. At that time he was told the County is holding up progress on this situation. He said he then went to the County who said Kenilworth was holding this up. In June, he came back here and questioned the Council again. Mr. Soos said it is now taking care of, however, he heard that we do not have an ordinance in place and that is why the parking situation looks so confusing.

He said he feels he is entitled to a correct answer when he asks a question.

Mayor Tripodi explained that we are holding up the ordinance pending a report from Sgt. Grady and the State which will be presented at the next Council work session meeting. The Council also has questions which hopefully will be answered.

Councilman Galasso said that he takes Mr. Soo’s comments as a personal offense, because he gives answers as he knows them. He said the situation could change at any time but Mr. Soos was always given the answer that was correct at that time. Councilman Galasso said when he received a call from the Chief saying that the County was ready and available to change the parking, he authorized them to go ahead with it because school was starting soon. He said he should not have done this because procedurally, there was no ordinance in place, however, the way it appears to be working out, the parents are being educated and they are beginning to get used to the idea that they cannot park in front of the school. Councilman Galasso said he apologizes to his colleagues for not following procedure, but it was something they wanted to get done. Subsequently, Council Members have questions on the safety issue, especially since there was an intensive study done in the 70’s. It was agreed that they will wait until the Council is fully convinced that this is the way to go and possibly move the ordinance at the next meeting held in two weeks.

Mr. Soos said he appreciated Mr. Galasso’s comments, however, he brought this up last May and the wheels should have started to turn back then. He said the situation in front of Harding School has been improved 150% and it should be kept as is (parallel parking with a "drop-off" zone).


Councilman Galasso stated, for the record, no one has any intention of entertaining the notion of changing anymore angle parking. This was done strictly for the safety of the children who attend

Harding School. He said the central business district will stay angle parking and he will fight anyone who wants to change it.

Mr. Soos said another serious problem as far as he is concerned is the fact that we have been without a captain in the police department since April. Promotions are coming up and it doesn’t seem like anything is being done about it. He said we deserve an answer.

Councilman Galasso said we have an initial ordinance in place which requires testing, however,

we do not have a test to give for sergeant, lieutenant, or captain. Nor do we have any expertise within the township to create a test that would withstand a challenge in court, if someone wanted to. Therefore, we would have to go to an outside agency. If we did that, it would take about 6 weeks to get the testing in place and we have to give three months notice before we can give the test. He said they have decided to change the ordinance, which was presented in May Since he travels a lot, and there is only one meeting in July and one in August, Councilman Galasso said a full Governing Body is really needed to make a decision on this. It is not fair to the department to rush through something like this. He said the management structure is in place. The Chief has the discretion to put people in by state statute to assume the duties, so if something was to happen even though one may not have the proper stripes on his/her shirt, we will have a captain. Councilman Galasso said if he can convince his colleagues, he hopes to have this done by the end of October.

Don Rica, Sheridan Avenue, thanked Chairwoman Colosimo and Councilman David for agreeing to uphold the ban on lawn signs from last year because everyone agrees they are unsightly. He said he feels uncomfortable speaking about it in light of what happened on September 11th, however, because of what happened on September 11th he feels it is very important to continue with what he believes to be the most democratic process and that is the right to campaign and vote. He asked that everyone does get out and vote so that we can send a message overseas that they can blow a building up but they cannot stop the process from continuing.

Rudy Cammarota, Red Maple Lane, said it behooves him to address the school parking situation

and asked what date the meeting was scheduled for?

Councilman Galasso said at the next work session meeting on October 9th.

Mr. Cammarota said he has valuable information which should be reviewed before a decision is made. He said he feels the enrollment is not as great as it was in the 70’s, and the traffic has increased a good deal since the 70’s. He said our government is great, however, all they are really interested in is to move traffic through the community as quickly as possible. He said he feels we know our community better than the federal government and the County. The people

voted 3-1 in a referendum to retain angle parking, not just in the business district but along the Boulevard by the school. Mr. Cammarota asked where the safety concern came from?


Councilman Galasso said it came from the Police Department.

Mayor Tripodi asked for copies of the study so the Council can review it before the meeting.


There being no further business to come before the Council, it was moved by David, seconded by Fiamingo and carried, that the meeting be adjourned to the call of the chair.

9:02 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,



Hedy Lipke

Borough Clerk

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