Council Minutes from 1/23/2002



Roll Call at 8:00 P.M. showed the following Council Members present: Carmela Colosimo,

Gregg David, Richard Falcetano, Kathi Fiamingo, and Robert Taylor. Councilman Ed Galasso was absent.

Mayor Tripodi read the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act.

The Salute to the Flag was led by Mayor Tripodi.


It was moved by Colosimo, seconded by Falcetano and carried, that the minutes of the Reorganization Meeting of January 2nd, the Work Session Meeting of January 8th, and the Regular Meeting of January 9, 2002 be dispensed with and approved as submitted. (Copies furnished each Council Member prior to the meeting.)


  1. Letter from JoAnn Gememden, Chief, Bureau of Environmental Services, County of Union, reporting the Clean Communities Act was not reauthorized by the New Jersey Legislature Ė therefore, in 2002, Kenilworth will only receive $1,597.28 and if the current Legislature does not re-institute Clean Communities legislation, this will the last year of any grant funding.
  2. Letter from Dale Spindel, Kenilworth Library Director, praising the help that Jon Lipke and Jack Hamilton gave the Library recently.
  3. Letter from "The Partnership Property Tax Committee" asking that municipalities pass a resolution requesting the New Jersey Legislature to provide urgent relief to the citizens of New Jersey arising from the financial burden placed on them by the New Jersey property tax.


  1. Municipal Court Report for the month of December, 2001.
  2. Planning Board Meeting Minutes of the Reorganization Meeting of January 3, 2002.

It was moved by Falcetano, seconded by Fiamingo and carried, that the above communications be received and filed and any money amounts indicated be spread over the minutes.







Mayor Tripodi announced that the Municipal Drug Alliance, along with Project Graduation will sponsor a charity basketball game on February 23rd with NFL players. This event will be held at

David Brearley High School and the doors will open at 6:00 PM. He said he thinks it will be a great time and at the same time, be able to raise funds. Mayor Tripodi said he helped judge the Knights of Columbus poster contest and congratulated all of the winners.


Councilwoman Fiamingo reported that this evening the Finance Committee held a meeting and did a preliminary review of the budgets. She said she hopes to be able to make a presentation to the full council for their consideration shortly. There is an ordinance for first reading which pertains to an increase for the Chiefís salary and certain stipends for other employees.


Councilwoman Colosimo said the men are still picking up Christmas trees, along with doing black top maintenance and picking up bags of leaves. She said she was proud to report that the 2001 leaf pick up went very well with the department cleaning the streets at least 6 times, which was a lot when compared to other towns who barely even do two. Councilwoman Colosimo reported that the men had to go out for the January 19th snow storm and if the temperature stays above freezing they will be sending the sweeper out.


Councilman Falcetano referred to this eveningís agenda where there is a first reading on a proposed ordinance which will add 2 alternates to the Recreation Committee.


Councilman David announced that he was in receipt of the Zoning Enforcement Officerís report for the month of December and it shows 2 complaints, 6 approvals and 1 denial. The Construction Departmentís report showed $6,552. in receipts consisting of: $6,028. in building fees, $384. in trust fees and $140. in smoke detector fees. Councilman David reported that the Planning Board will be meeting tomorrow evening, however, due to a business conflict he will be unable to attend.









Councilman Taylor reported that he attended the reorganization meetings for the Library Board,

Local Assistance Board and Board of Health. The Library Board elected Connie Conrad as President, Annette Soos as Vice President, Kathy Calemme as Secretary, and MaryEllen Harris as Treasurer. They have also requested that a proclamation be issued regarding the loss of

member Adeline Schlenker. Councilman Taylor also said that with her loss, there is a need to appoint a new member. The Local Assistance Board elected Sally Ordner as their Chairperson

and Alice Chess as their Secretary. He also noted that there were 9 applicants for welfare during the month of December and the Salvation Army collection at the A&P brought in $1,948. The Local Assistance Board would like to thank all who donated and those who volunteered their time for the collection. Also in regards to the Local Assistance Board, Councilman Taylor distributed copies to the Council of two bills which are pending in the assembly and he will discuss them at the next work session meeting. In regards to the Board of Health, the members voted to elect Judy DeSciscio as President and Lillian Falcetano as Vice-President.


Consolidated Bill List appears on the following pages.


Resolutions No. 1 through No. 4 are listed under Consent Agenda and will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. All items will be recorded individually in full in the minutes.

Council Member David moved that all items under Consent Agenda be approved, seconded Council Member Taylor. Upon roll call the vote was unanimous.


Be It Hereby Resolved: That all bills be paid when properly audited and funds are available.


Be It Hereby Resolved: WHEREAS, it has been determined that real estate taxes for the year

2001 have been overpaid due to a Union County Board of Taxation Judgment.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the treasurer be and is

hereby authorized to draw a warrant payable as follows in the amount following the respective name and property location and further deliver said warrant to the Collector of Taxes for proper notation on tax account:

Block Lot Name/Prop. Loc. Amount

85 9 Middleton II, Richard $616.05

613 Washington Ave.

Kenilworth, NJ 07033



Resolution appears on the following page. (2002 Budget Transfer)


Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Mayor, on behalf of the Borough of Kenilworth, be authorized to sign the Accommodation and Use Agreement with Schering Corporation for the use for a 1987 GMC Fire Engine Pumper Truck subject to the terms and conditions in said Agreement.



Introduced by Colosimo who also moved its adoption.

Be It Hereby Resolved: That the Governing Body of the Borough of Kenilworth accept the COPS in School Grand in the amount of $125,000 and that the Mayor be authorized to sign said grant award agreement.

Seconded by David and on roll call the vote was as follows: Colosimo, David, Falcetano, and Taylor, "YES"; Fiamingo, "NO".

Proposed Ordinance No. 2002-01 was read for a first reading as follows: (Copy attached)



Mayor Tripodi referred to Councilman Falcetanoís report where he explained that we are looking to add two alternates to the Recreation Committee. This will encourage more participation as we

have some people who are anxious to serve on the committee and this will give them the opportunity.


Introduced by Falcetano who also moved its adoption.

Be It Hereby Resolved: That Proposed Ordinance No. 2002-01, be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and ordered published for final hearing on February 13, 2002.

Seconded by Colosimo and on roll call unanimously carried.




Proposed Ordinance No. 2002-02 was read for a first reading as follows: (Copy attached)



Mayor Tripodi explained that this will amend the salary ordinance, addressing the Police Chiefís contract which was recently signed and also a stipend for our Sub-Code Inspectors because Schering-Plough has been very busy with construction and additional inspections are needed.


Introduced by Fiamingo who also moved its adoption.

Be It Hereby Resolved: That Proposed Ordinance No. 2002-02, be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and ordered published for final hearing on February 13, 2002.

Seconded by Falcetano and on roll call unanimously carried.


Councilwoman Colosimo said she was glad to see that the School Resource Officer Grant was passed in the amount of $125,000. She said she feels it will do our children a lot of good as it is looking out for their safety and well being and adding that we will make it a tremendous success.

Councilwoman Colosimo expressed her condolences to the Schlenker family for the passing of

Georgeís beloved wife. She said we all know how much she and her family has given to the community and her heartfelt sympathy goes out to the family.

Mayor Tripodi said that he attended the services last week and there was a nice turnout from the Borough.

Councilwoman Fiamingo said she would also like to extend her condolences to the Schlenker family as Adeline was a very dear woman who contributed a lot not only to the town but was very active in her church. She was a wonderful lady and will be sorely missed. In regards to the SRO, Councilwoman Fiamingo said she is very much in favor of the position, however, she has financial concerns. She said she had hoped that we could approve the position, arrange for the training and fill it through the current ranks, which is the reason for her vote. She added that she knows that the position will be a very successful one in the school.


William Dowd, Police Chief, said he sincerely thanks the Governing Body for their action in regards to the SRO Grant and said he was sure it will be a tremendous success and will make everyone proud of the decision that was made here tonight.


Livio Mancino, North 24th Street, asked if there is a job description for every position in the Borough?

Mayor Tripodi conferred with Hedy Lipke, the Borough Clerk, who replied that we do for most of the positions but maybe not all.

Mr. Mancino said that when he was mayor he made sure there was one for every position. He said this was very important and he referred to the Waldorf case. He said when there is an emergency, everyone will know what their responsibilities are. Mr. Mancino said that over the years Community Development was able to get grants to help the community. He said the street signs can be garnered from Community Development and asked that our representatives ask for new signs for the Borough. They would be bigger and easier to read and they would start with the Boulevard and then do the side streets.

Mayor Tripodi asked Mr. Mancino if he knew which sub-committee from Community Development would handle that request?

Mr. Mancino said he has no idea. He then asked the Mayor what his view on the School Resource Officer Grant for $125,000 was?

Mayor Tripodi said that in the beginning of the year he recommended a hiring freeze throughout the Borough. He added that everything in the news that you hear and read read talks about the newly elected Governor and a budget crunch. He said he will be taking a serious look at it before he will approve and sign off on it. He said he agrees with Councilwoman Fiamingo that it is a very useful tool for community policing and presence which he is very much in support of. He said the meeting with the School Board convinced him of their commitment. It is very important to have the School Board and the Governing Body on the same page.

Mr. Mancino asked Mayor Tripodi if he was aware that this is a grant and asked him if he is afraid that the grant will run out and we will have an extra police officer?

Mayor Tripodi told Mr. Mancino that this year, from our previous Cops Fast Grant which provided for 2 officers, we will be absorbing approximately $100,000 in new salaries this year. All good things must come to an end and when the grant ends, the additional financial responsibility will be on the Boroughís end. This has to be taken into consideration.

Mr. Mancino explained to the Mayor that in todays times, the safety of the Borough is paramount. He said everything has changed since September 11th and even though it is a grant, down the road he will still be responsible to the community. Mr. Mancino said he is sure that the residents of the community will agree that we need the protection. He said he read somewhere that the Mayor is thinking of vetoing this and hopes that this doesnít happen.




Mr. Mancino then said, "I was approached by a member of the Board of Education. Iíll give you his name, his name is Gerald Laudati, (and this is to you, Mayor) and he said to me that if I, in any way, shape or form got involved in the Field of Dreams, a $100,000 (to the Mayor he said this is your statement) that if I got involved, that we definitely would not get the grant. Did you say that to Mr. Laudati?"

Mayor Tripodi said, "Not in those words, but I did mention to him that you were involved in the County with this Field of Dreams. I did mention that, yes."

Mr. Mancino asked "Did you say I would hurt it?"

Mayor Tripodi said, "I didnít say that if you were involved we wouldnít get the grant but I did mention that you were involved in the process because there was some confusion, Mr. Mancino."

Mr. Mancino said "Because you and the Board of Education submitted 6 applications that were not proper, and luckily you have a young lady like Hedy Lipke, who listened to some people who know whatís going on and I help out with other communities and I knew our community was paramount, and we got it sent in right. You, and the Board of Education, Mr. Gonnella, would not call me even though I have some expertise, to help you. Thatís a shame. It is all right for you to take credit for all the things that go on, but I think at times you should, kinda, you know they say the nice little Mayor, you should kind of button that lip and not say too many things because there are other people in this community who donít love me, but also donít love you. And Mr. Laudati told me that if I come up here, I could use his name, thatís what you told him, that it was not going to happen. In fact, you are the second person. Iím not even going to mention the first. But I ask you from hence forth, to refrain from using my name. If you are going to use my name in any fashion, you come and tell me to my face. Donít tell a stranger or

donít tell somebody on the street or so on or so forth. If you donít have the courage to do that, donít do it"

Mayor Tripodi asked, "Mr. Mancino, you acknowledged that you were involved in the process,


Mr. Mancino said, "I should have been involved in the process a long time ago, but you and Mr. Gonnella deferred it. You didnít want me to have anything to do with it. And I was only working on it because I live and I do things in this community, as you well know, for the betterment, at all times. I have never done anything that is detrimental. If you have any such comment, tell me to my face. You and Mr. Gonnella should have called me and I would have helped you like I helped other towns. But you didnít do that, or you didnít want be to get the credit, or for it to be in the paper."






Mayor Tripodi thanked Mr. Mancino for his comments.

Fred Soos, President of the PBA Local 135, said on behalf of the membership in regards to the SRO, he commended the Borough Council for having the foresight to accept the grant and to recognize the need for our kids in town and also to recognize that this is something that an overwhelming majority of the people in town are for. Officer Soos said it was refreshing to see the Council acting proactively instead of waiting for something to happen. This will be a tremendous position and be something that has a tremendous, positive impact on youth in our town. He then asked Mayor Tripodi if he will go on the record as saying he will or will not veto what the Governing Body has approved tonight.

Mayor Tripodi said that what he announced last night was that he was considering it.

Officer Soos asked if he was considering vetoing it?

Mayor Tripodi said yes, as an alternative.

Officer Soos asked the Mayor if he will go on record saying he will veto it?

Mayor Tripodi said he will go on record as saying that he will consider vetoing it as an alternative.

He said that was his official position at this time.

Officer Soos urged the Mayor to reconsider because this is something that an overwhelming majority of the residents are for and is something that could have a tremendous impact on the kids. He said if the Mayor vetoes it, he feels it will be a tremendous mistake.


There being no further business to come before the Council, it was moved by David, seconded by Colosimo and carried, that the meeting be adjourned to the call of the chair.

8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Hedy Lipke

Borough Clerk

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