Council Minutes from 1/22/2003



Roll Call at 8:00 P.M. showed the following Council Members present:  Gregg David, Kathi Fiamingo, Ed Galasso, Alan Jankunas, and Robert Taylor.  Councilwoman Colosimo was absent.

Mayor Tripodi read the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act.

The Salute to the Flag was led by Mayor Tripodi.


It was moved by Fiamingo, seconded by Galasso and carried, that the minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 10, 2002; the Reorganization Meeting of January 2nd; and the Work Session Meeting of January 7, 2003 be dispensed with and approved as submitted.  (Copies furnished each Council Member prior to the meeting.)


At this time Mayor Tripodi called forward the winners of the 2002 Holiday House Decorating Contest to present them with their checks:

Joe & Karen Laudati, 21 No. 13th Street

                                   George LaRosa, 25 So. 20th Street

                                    Marlene Miklas, 122 Park Drive

                                    Vincent Diamante, 53 Wilshire Drive (present)

                                    John Cantalupo, 730 Clinton Avenue

                                    Mr. & Mrs. Dobrowolski, 618 Kingston Avenue

Mayor Tripodi explained that this contest is sponsored by the Recreation Department and he congratulated the winners and all of the residents for taking pride in their community. 


  1. Letter from Mike Kossor, 244 North 17th Street, requesting that Council reconsider the petition submitted by 17th Street residents in December 1999 to pave their street.
  2. Letter from Comcast inviting Mayor and Council to an Open House at their Digital Complex, Plainfield, NJ, on Monday, January 27th to look at their digital cable operations.


  1. Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority Meeting Minutes of December 19, 2002.

It was moved by Galasso, seconded by Fiamingo and carried, that the above communications be received and filed and any money amounts indicated be spread over the minutes.



Mayor Tripodi announced that Garwood Mayor Michael Crincoli passed away last week at the age of 53.  He said Mayor Crincoli was a true gentleman and a friend and said our hearts go out to the Borough of Garwood and his family.  At this time Mayor Tripodi requested and it was observed, a moment of silence in Mayor Crincoli’s honor.  Mayor Tripodi announced that the Smart Growth Committee had a meeting and they are looking to have a draft plan for the central business district by the end of February.  He also reported that a notice went out today announcing a meeting on February 1, 2003, at 10:00 am in Borough Hall in regards to the reactivation of the rail line and he said he has received a resolution from Springfield who will be participating in the joint legal action and are just waiting to hear intentions from the Township of Union.  Mayor Tripodi said a letter was addressed to the County of Union regarding several issues and he did receive a response from Frank Dann, Director of the Department of Engineering and Public Works.  He said he replied to concerns about the condition of the Boulevard after work was done by saying he is following it up with a letter to the gas company.  In regards to the holes on Market Street, he said they were filled in last week and there is one which will be touched up.   Mayor Tripodi announced that our Clerk, Hedy Lipke, is our new

designee to our JIF.  He explained that all of the municipalities receive a rating as they enter the program and said he was proud to report that Kenilworth received a score of 82% out of 100.


Councilwoman Fiamingo reported that the Finance Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, January 28th to review the budget requests submitted by the Department Heads.  She said thereafter, the committee will present their recommendations to the Council and hopes to introduce the budget in March with an adoption in April, pending of course on the State.

Councilwoman Fiamingo said at last night’s work session they discussed a proposal for offering employees a waiver of health benefits which would be totally voluntary on their part and if they chose to do so, there would be compensation.  She said hopefully this proposal will be on next month’s agenda.  She also said she and Councilwoman Colosimo met with the Fire Department regarding the ambulance squad and discussed the possibility of talking to an organization that does billing for ambulance services.  She said that after discussion it was pretty much determined that this would not be a good fit for Kenilworth, however, the Chief has come up with another plan to implement services during the day which is the main concern, and this would be to combine services with Roselle Park and form a joint response team. 




Councilman Jankunas reported that for the past two weeks that the men have been working on cleaning the catch basins, picking up Christmas trees, and finishing the leaf collection at DiMario Park.  He also reported that last week, the County Environmental Bureau paid a visit to the yard and spoke to Dan Ryan about the leaf transfer permit which means some changes need to be made in order to be in compliance.  There is also a concern about the standing water, potholes and the need for repaving of the yard which he will discuss with Dan on Friday.  Councilman Jankunas also reported that sanitation truck #23 needs extensive repairs and he will discuss this with Dan and Rich Spilner on Friday. 


Councilman Galasso read the following letter into the minutes:

            Dear Chief Dowd:

                On Friday, January 10, 2003 at 22:05 hrs. an elderly couple exiting the A&P parking lot were targeted

                and became the victims of a robbery.  This couple gave a very limited description of the actor and the

                actor’s vehicle during the initial investigation by Patrolman Obiedzinski.  Detectives Tim Dowd and

                Mark Scuderi took this sketchy case and worked it relentlessly developing leads and collecting evidence

                that eventually culminated in the arrest of Robert A. Mount on January 16th.  The detectives did not stop

                after the arrest.  They then used their skills as experienced investigators during the interview and

                interrigation process to get Mount to confess to this crime.  Again they did not stop.  They were also able

                to get Mount to confess to an open shop lifting case that occurred at the A&P on September 13, 2002.

                I would like to commend Detectives Dowd and Scuderi for their hard work in this case.  Because of their

                instinct and skills, two cases were closed.  The professionalism that they demonstrated caused them to

                look below the surface and solve an old case that would have gone unpunished if not for their hard work.

                I am proud to be working with these men and the Kenilworth Police Department should be proud of them

                as well.


                Det./Lt. Richard Dopf

Councilman Galasso said it sounds like they did a hell of a job and would like to bring them up for a commendation.


Councilman David announced that he attended the Planning Board’s reorganization meeting and

said that George Schlenker was elected as Chairman, Greg Westbrook was elected as Vice-Chair and John Beninati was elected as Secretary.  He said William Lane will be retained as the Board

Attorney and Janet Murphy as the Recording Secretary for the year 2003.  Councilman David said that he was in receipt of the Zoning Officer’s Report for the month of December and read the following:  6 complaints, 4 approvals, 2 denials and 1 correspondence.  From the Construction Official’s Report he read the following: total receipts - $8,695.; total fees - $7,760.;

trust fees - $361.; smoke detector fees - $40.; and elevator fees - $534.   Councilman David also announced that the Planning Board’s regular meeting is tomorrow evening and he will be in attendance. 



Councilman Taylor said he attended the Library Board’s reorganization  and regular meeting

on January 9th, the Local Assistance Board’s reorganization and regular meeting on January 15th,

and the Board of Health’s reorganization and regular meeting on January 16th.  He announced that the Local Assistance Board hosted the Municipal Governor’s Board meeting on January 15th and it was a success.  He thanked the employees of Borough Hall for their hospitality.  He announced that 43 families were helped through Local Assistance during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Councilman Taylor thanked the PBA for their food collection and said that the Salvation Army kettle at the A&P collected over $1,500. and he thanked the volunteers for helping out.  In regards to the Board of Health, Councilman Taylor said they are in favor of the resolution which appoints Stephanie Loneker as Alternate #2 for the Board as she is a registered nurse who has an interest in public health.  The Board also approved entry into an interlocal agreement with Union Township for public health preparedness in response to bioterrorism, outbreaks of disease, and other public health threats, at no cost to the Borough.


Consolidated Bill List appears on the following pages.  (copy attached)


Resolutions No. 1 through 9 are listed on consent agenda and will be enacted by one motion is the form listed below.  All items will be recorded individually in full in the minutes.

Council Member Jankunas moved that all items under Consent Agenda be approved, seconded by Council Member Taylor.  Upon roll call the vote was unanimous.


Be It Hereby Resolved:   That all bills be paid when properly audited and funds are available.


Resolution appears on the following page.  (Amending temporary budget)


Resolution appears on the following page.  (Appropriation transfers)




Resolution appears on the following page.  (Resolution to join the Garden State Municipal

                                                                        Joint Insurance Fund)


Resolution appears on the following page.  (Treasurer to refund a senior citizen deduction for

                                                                        a Building Permit - $114.00)


Resolution appears on the following page.  (Agreeing to the provisions of the Municipal Alliance

                                                                        Grant and authorizing the Mayor to sign said



Be It Hereby Resolved:   That ABC Fire & Safety, Inc., 750 Fairfield Avenue, Kenilworth, NJ, be authorized to perform the annual Fire Sprinkler Test at the Kenilworth Senior Citizens

Center for the year 2003.  Cost to be $275.00 per annual inspection and $60.00 per hour, plus materials, for any emergency work necessary.


Be It Hereby Resolved:   That the following be appointed to the Kenilworth Board of Health:

Trudy Neuhauser as a Regular Member for the unexpired term of LeRoy Meyer ending 12/31/03; Albert Testa as Alternate #1 for a term expiring 12/31/03; and Stephanie Loneker as Alternate #2 for a term expiring 12/31/04.


Be It Hereby Resolved:   That Hedy Lipke be appointed as the Borough’s Safety/Loss Control

Coordinator for the year 2003.


Councilwoman Fiamingo said that she had the pleasure of attending the Art Show at David Brearley High School and it was a really nice event.  She said as usual, Janice Marceli did a great job.


Livio Mancino, North 24th Street, asked Councilman Galasso why there is not a “right turn only”

arrow on the light at the intersection of 21st Street and the Boulevard?

Councilman Galasso informed Mr. Mancino that the lights are being replaced by the County and they have indicated that it will be done in the spring.

Mr. Mancino said he has checked and the County has no request from Kenilworth to put a

“right turn only” arrow at that intersection.  He said all that needs to be done is a letter from the Mayor and Council.  Mr. Mancino said the Boulevard is in terrible shape and someone should get after the Borough Engineer to get this taken care of.

Mayor Tripodi explained to Mr. Mancino that prior to his arrival, he read a letter from Frank Dann which said he is in the process of taking care of this situation.

Mr. Mancino asked Mayor Tripodi what the Borough did for the late Mayor Crincoli from Garwood.

Mayor Tripodi said some Council Members attended the services.

Mr. Mancino said there should be some type of fund in the Borough for this.  Mr. Mancino said that some years ago he had requested a community center for Kenilworth from Community Development and asked if it had been presented again more recently?  He said if it hasn’t been, Dr. Disko and Mr. Manto should write it up and if they can’t do it, Mr. Mancino said he would be glad to.  Mr. Mancino said with the budget coming up soon, he hopes that this year the Mayor

will take it and make some recommendations.  He said he is saying this now so he does not have to come up here in April and say it.  Mr. Mancino said he received a financial statement from the Mayor for the Octoberfest, as requested and asked why the Chamber of Commerce gets half of the profit and the rest goes into some other account, when the Borough is spending $9,000 to $10,000 of taxpayer’s monies to keep it running, as for Police enforcement.

Mayor Tripodi explained that the Chamber does not get half, and that the Pride in Kenilworth

Committee gets most of the money and the Borough organizations, as noted on the statement,

get donations.  Mayor Tripodi said that the Chamber handles the administrative aspect of the fair.

Fred Soos, Epping Drive, commended the Council for getting the holes on Market Street filled, adding that he hoped they were filled with a temporary material.  He then asked if Councilman Jankunas found out how much the Borough is paying an outside contractor for plowing assistance.

Councilman Jankunas said we are paying them $80.00 per hour.


Mr. Soos asked if we got three quotes for that?

Councilman Jankunas said yes we did, that Dan Ryan made phone calls and got 3  different prices with Astone being the lowest.

Mr. Soos said he would like to see the quotes.  He said that he asked around and the only other town in the county that gets that price is Millburn.  He said they get $90. however they have a lot more money than we do.  He said the going rate for contractors to plow is $60. to $65. per hour.

Mr. Soos said that even Schering Plough pays only $70.00 per hour.

Councilman Jankunas said he thinks the only reason they needed Astone was because a piece of equipment was down.  He said he would also find out how many hours we actually used him.

Mr. Soos asked if we plan to use Astone again?

Councilman Jankunas said only if needed.

Mr. Soos said that cost is ludicrous.  Mr. Soos asked if he has a certificate of insurance.

Mayor Tripodi said the Borough Clerk informed him that he does.

Mr. Soos said that if the Borough is concerned about saving money, something should be done about this because if we get hit with a heavy snowstorm and we call them in for $80. per hour you are talking about a lot of money.  Mr. Soos asked if everybody at the DPW plows snow, such as the superintendent and assistant superintendent?

Borough Clerk Hedy Lipke said no.

Mr. Soos said years ago they used to and he feels if we need men we should get them out there.

Mayor Tripodi explained that it was in the collective bargaining agreement that the superintendents can not plow.

Mr. Soos asked about the assistant superintendent and the mechanic?

Clerk Lipke said the mechanic must man the yard and the assistant superintendent does have his CDL license and is out on the road.

Mr. Soos said the principal of the High School is retiring at the end of the month and asked if the Mayor and Council are doing anything for her?

Mayor Tripodi said he will have a proclamation for Mrs. Baton for her dinner on February 7th.


Mr. Soos said this is a small town and without mentioning any names, whether it be a fireman at a fire, a policeman, or somebody who gets hurt, he feels they deserve a call from somebody up here to find out how they are.  He said these people put their lives on the line and it wouldn’t hurt to make a telephone call.

Mr. Mancino suggested to Councilman Galasso that he or Borough Attorney Fruchter look into the possibility of increasing the charge for violating a local ordinance, such as no parking in areas of Market Street.  He said that may help to increase funds.

Councilman Galasso explained that what Mr. Mancino was asking was if we can charge more than Title 31.  He said he would look into it.


There being no further business to come before the Council, it was moved by David, seconded by Galasso and carried, that the meeting be adjourned to the call of the chair.

8:40 P.M.

                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                                Hedy Lipke

                                                                                                Borough Clerk

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