Planning Board Minutes from 6/28/2002

The following Board Members were present: Mr. Beninati, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Tripodi, Mr. David, Mr. Rica, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Schultz and Mr. Lepore.  Absent: George Schlenker, Vincent Rappa, Mr. LoForte and Mr. Lepore.  The Sunshine Law was read. Mr. Schultz made motion to accept the minutes, 2nd by Mr. Rica. All in favor. Correspondence was read into the minutes. A letter received from Vincent A. Gonnella, Business Administrator/Board Secretary of the Kenilworth board of Education requesting the opportunity to appear before the Planning Board to review an upcoming project (David Brearley Stadium Athletic Field site improvements). A faxed letter from Danielle De Vita Cerza, attorney representing A&P confirming her request to carry hearing to July 25th agenda.


Resolution for Application #05-02, R. Scorese Variance for new two family house in R-2 zone. Vote was taken Yes: Mr. Beninati,  Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Rica (4 yes)  No: 0   Motion granted.

Resolution denying Application #07-02, Consolidated Clothing, Inc., Variance for Sales and export of vehicles. Vote was taken: Yes: Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale and Mr. Rica   (0 No) Motion granted.


Application #01-01

Paparatto Construction

295 N. Michigan Avenue

Block 19, Lot 24.02

Mr. Fraizer, attorney for applicant was present.  Mr. Westbrook stated that testimony was given at last meeting. Dr. Disko stated that property will have drainage control; he recommended vegetation planting to soften view in back; recommended that a curb be installed and road widened; have to have escrow; further recommendation not to issue certificate of occupancy until bond in place; cutting back size of homes to three small cape cod with breezeway; consider potential positive way to develop property. Mr. Westbrook stated that with speaking with the mayor that he would bring up the situation of Center Street being a no-parking street.  Mr. Tripodi asking how wide street being widened.  Dr. Disko stated that it would be variable and widened in certain areas. Mr. Beninati asked how much of an escrow would have to be held.  Dr. Disko stated that it would be 20% of the cost of the improvement.  Mr. Westbrook stated that there would be six variances – front and side yard.  Dr. Disko stated that property is shaped irregularly. Mr. Tripodi asked with the rear yard nothing else to soften view.  Dr. Disko states very small houses. Mr. Westbrook opened meeting to public only to comments on Dr. Disko’s report and his testimony.

The meeting was opened to the public. Steven Herankowitz was sworn in. One concern is parking and no parking street; increase in traffic; people who purchased houses in area believed property would not be developed.

Mr. Fraizer stated that 99.9% of what Dr. Disko said support application.  Nothing is 100%. Variances are not perfect. A variance necessary under Subsection of C1 Where by reason of exceptional narrowness shallowness or specific shape of a piece of property…. Property is wide rather than deep. No negative impact. Respectfully submitted that application be granted.

Mr. Rica moved to grant application and Mr. Vitale 2nd.  Voted in favor (YES 5) Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Rica, Mr. Pugliese (NO 2) Mr. Tripodi and Mr. Schultz   Motion granted.

Mr. Tripodi excused himself because remaining cases were Board of Adjustment. Mr. Rica excused himself.


Application  #06-02

Pitney Partners, LP

530 N. Michigan Avenue

Block 3, Lot 1-5

This application is for a variance for free standing sign.  Darin D. Pinto, Esq. Representing Pitney Partners, LP.  Mr. Pinto stated that not having sign creates hardship. Mr. Pinto introduced Mr. Pap who was sworn in.  Mr. Pap stated sign would be subtle sign, which would simply say Berkeley 530; wooden sign w/stucco, no lights or anything fancy.  Mr. Pinto introduced four pictures. Pictures were marked 1,2,3 and 4.  Mr. Beninati asked why he didn’t put up sign on building. Mr. Pap stated that he has had a lot of complaints from truck drivers who cannot locate building.  Mr. Schultz asked if a driver could see the building as they approached the building.  Mr. Pap stated that it is difficult to see building. Mr. Beninati pointed out that most of the buildings have signs in the front; he doesn’t understand hardship.  Mr. Pinto introduced pictures marked 5,6,7, and 8 to show similar signs on the block.  Mr. Beninati and all members agreed that drawing of proposed sign was not a good example of proposed sign and would need a better picture.  Mr. Pinto asked for an adjournment. Mr. Lane stated that the extension of time to render decision and the applicants to have new exhibit available 10 days prior to July 25th; adjourned to July 25th there is no additional notice or publication required and that the applicant has consented.

Application #08-02

Montessori Pre-school

225 Eighth Street

This application is use variance for Pre-school at First Baptist Church.  Sally McGeehan was sworn in. Was approached by First Baptist Church to open preschool.  Mr. Beninati asked to be excused because he owns property within 200 feet.  Mr. Lane stated this is use variance and need five affirmative votes; don’t have quorum.  Mr. Westbrook stated that Application #08-02 would be carried over to our next scheduled meeting to July 25th and the applicant has consented.

Application #09-02

Gary Hornig

682 Bloomingdale Avenue

Block 152, Lot 8

This application is for variance placement of A/C in side yard. Gary Hornig was sworn in.  Mr. Hornig stated needs variance to put A/C in side yard; back of house has deck. Mr. Beninati asked about possibility of landscaping a screen.  Mr. Hornig provided sketch which shows shrubs in front and back and lattice, three sided enclosure around.

The meeting was opened to public.  No one came forward this portion of meeting was closed.  Mr. Pugliese moved to approve w/conditions to landscaping or screening, Mr. Schultz 2nd.  Vote was taken;  Yes: Mr. Beninati; Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Pugliese; Mr. Vitale (NO 0)  Motion granted.

Mr. Pugliese made motion to pay Planning Board Attorney and Secretary; Mr. Schultz 2nd,  All is favor.

Mr. Beninati made motion to adjourn 2nd by Mr. Shultz. All in favor.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:50PM.

Karen L. Hofmeister

Sub. Recording Secretary

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