Planning Board Minutes from 7/25/2002

The following Board Members were present:  Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Schlenker, Mr. Pugliese, Mr. Lopore.  The Sunshine Law was read.  Mr. Lepore made a motion to accept the June minutes, 2nd by Mr. Vitale.  All in favor.

Correspondence was read into the minutes by Mr. Beninati.  Application #10-02, Motiva Enterprises, for a free-standing sign at the Shell Station, was adjourned until 8/22/2002 because they did not have enough time to send out notices.  Berkley Contract Packing asked for their application to be withdrawn.  A letter from the Borough attorney regarding the matter of Pugliese vs. Kenilworth requested a telephone case management conference scheduled for August 9, at 9 a.m., asking the attorney for the plaintiff to participate.  A letter regarding the Dunkin Donuts application will be read when Application is heard. The County of Union sent a letter regarding the A&P Sav-a-Center.  The county approved the removal of existing landscaping along South 31st Street and replacement with an asphalt environmental cap to comply with the directives of the NJ department of EPA.  It will have no adverse effect on county road traffic. 


Resolution for Application #01-01, V & R Associates, for a 3-lot subdivision.  Vote was taken.  Yes:  Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Pugliese (4 yes) No: 0. Motion granted.

Resolution #09-02, Mr.Hornig, A/C placement in side yard for corner lot.  Vote was taken.  Yes: Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Vitale, Mr. Pugliese. (4 yes) No: 0.  Motion granted.

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Application #08-02      Ms. Sally McGeehan

                         Montessori Pre-School

                         First Baptist Church

                         225 Eighth Street

                         Block 5, Lot 24.01

Sworn in:  Ms. Sally McGeehan.  She said the state did the walk-thru for safety. Some changes have to be made: some fire-rated doors must be installed, fire alarms, emergency lighting, and a few other things. It will be in the church basement and walls will be put up.  The staff will escort children into the school once they are used to the classroom.  The Board Attorney stated a school is of inherent value to the community, the question being is the site suitable for this use.  Mr. Vitale was concerned about the safety of loading the kids from the curb into the car and would like to see off-street drop-off but if the state agreed with the safety factor, it is okay with him.  Ms. McGeehan said front drop-off is safer than using the childrens’ play area.  Mr. Rappa suggested the drop-off would be in a “no parking” area.  Mr. Schlenker would like to see the plans and have Dr. Disko review safety of the area and documentation of State approval.  Ms. McGeehan said there are two entrances into the large room, and two entrances going into the classroom. There are entrances through the bathrooms. Mr. Schlenker suggested a delay of this application until 8/22 to have Dr. Disko review and approve in person or in writing.  An architects drawing and approval review of the state and by Dr. Disko should be due two weeks prior to the next meeting.  Five affirmative votes are required for resolution.


Application #264        A & P Sav-a-Center

                         Boulevard & Market Streets

                         Block 179, Lot 7.01

                         Amended Site Plan

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Sworn in: Tom Uzzo, environmental engineer, stated this site underwent clean-up. Part of the landscaped area in the A&P parking lot is ordered by the EPA to be covered by an environmental “cap”.  Planters (30 x 36” boxes) with shrubs will replace the vegetation.  Exhibit #A-1 is the Amended Site Plan.  Exhibit #A-2 are the notices from the DEP.  All documents were given to Dr.Disko in May.

Sworn in:  Paul Bonvicino, representing A & P, wants to work with the town and will replace any dead trees along the side of the building.

On the basis of Dr. Diskos’ approval, the site plan was voted on. Motion was made and 2nd.  All in favor.

Application #02-03      Mr. Scuorzo & Mr. Pazienza

                         741 Union Avenue

                         Block 157, Lot 4

                         Subdivision into 2 conforming

                         50’ x 100’ lots

Sworn in: Mr. Ed Gozevich, 744 Union Avenue, wanted to know if the existing house would remain or what housing would be constructed.  It is a single-family zone, and the present house would remain and another one-family house would be built in the adjoining lot. Only one variance is required for a 15’ front yard setback for the existing structure and the lot be sub-divided into two 50’ x 100’ lots. Motion was made and 2nd.  All in favor.

Mr. Westbrook welcomed Mr. Schlenker back.  Motion was made and 2nd to pay the Planning Board Attorney and Secretary.   All in favor.   A motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m.



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