Planning Board Minutes from 5/22/2003

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance.  Roll call was taken.  Present: Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Rica, Mr. Pugliese, and Mr. Canderella.  Absent:  Mr. Rappa, Mr. Vitale, Mr. David, Mr. Tripodi, Mr. LoForte, Mr. Lopore, nd Mr. Benintente.

A motion to accept the minutes of April 24, 2003, and to pay the attorney and secretary was taken.  All in favor.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Mr. Beninati, Secretary, read  a letter from a neighbor of the Kenilworth Fire department at 481 Washington Avenue.  The letter requested any clean-up of building debris be made and a fence erected.  The Fire Department will comply.

RESOLUTIONS:  Application #04-03, Robert Schielke, 37 N. 23rd Street for a 2nd floor addition on non-conforming lot.  All in favor:  Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Rica, and Mr. Candearella.

Application # 05-03, Lucy Vacarella, 404 Lafayette Avenue, deck encroachment on rear setback.  Mr. Lane, attorney, stated the board must receive the affidavit of “service of notice”, with the certified tax list attached to it with the slips of mailing from Ms. Vacarella.  She may certify or swear to the fact that the necessary notification was made. All in favor:  Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rica, and Mr. Candarella.

Appplication #274, Kenilworth Fire House, 491 Washington Avenue, Alteration and Addition.  All in favor:  Mr. Westbrook, Mr. Beninati, Mr. Rica, and Mr. Candarella.

OLD BUSINESS:  Application #268, revised for M.R.B.S. LLC., Michael Hoag, 361-363 Monroe Avenue, for 1st and 2nd floor offices.  Sworn in:  Mr. Robert Weiss, attorney for Mr. Hoag, who submitted the revised plans.  Sworn in Mr. DiGiorgio, Architect, prepared a letter. He stated the building is now reduced  to a 2,750 square feet area.  There will be 11 parking spaces with a handicapped space, trees on the buffer zone in the rear, and a 6’ fence on three sides.  These scaled-down footprints and area will comply with Borough codes.  Dr. Disko approved of the drainage plan.  All in favor:  Mr. Beninati, Mr. Westbrook, Mr.Schultz, Mr. Rica, Mr. Pugliese and Mr. Canderella.  Resolution will be sent to Mr. Weiss.

Application #06-03, Kinder & Mahon, 633 Clinton Avenue, for a front cantilever setback, is postponed until the June 26, 2003 meeting in order to allow time to notify the neighbors of this proposal.

Application #02-03, V & R Reality, Inc. (Paparatto Construction), 17-19 South 21st Street, for two 2-family houses in LC zone.  V & R Reality is represented by Mr. Frazier, attorney.  He stated the applicant seeks two forms of relief.  The present property consists of 2 lots: 25 x 100’ and 75 x 100’, to be sub-divided into two 50 x 100’ lots.  The second part of the application deals with the board of adjustment for a use variance.  Mr. Frazier suggested that each lot have a 2-family house.  Although in a LC zone, it would conform with the neighborhood.  He noted that a seventh board member could review the transcript before the next meeting. 

Mr. Vincent Paparatto, owner, was sworn in.  He described the two 2-family homes as being six rooms over six rooms, similar to the houses in the expanding area.  The parking for each unit will have four parking spaces.  Mr. Westbrook noted there are multi-uses on 21st Street, both residential and Commercial. 

Dennis Hudacsko, licensed planner, was hired by V & R Associates.  He stated the parking would need 9 spaces if used as commercial area and this would not be profitably viable.  Mr. Beninati stated the previous application (Mr. Hoag) agreed to build commercially on a smaller lot, and why not make this into a commercial use.  Mr. Frazier stated the application is for two 50 x 100’ lots and each lot would not be large enough for   commercial buildings.  A question was asked about the lack of on-street parking.  Mr. Frazier requested a continuance of this application to the June 26, 2003 meeting. 

Mr. Daniel Kincaid, 163 11th Street, Preskill, N. J., Professional planner was hired by Dr. Disko.  He stated the adjacent property to the rear is a L-2 zone and that there were two different sets of plans for the proposed buildings on this site.  Mr. Frazier stated these plans were for “informational purposes” rather than for specific approval right now. Mr. Kincaid said every commercial property on the street is situated on 50 x 100’ lots.  He said the new sized-lots must have lot numbers.  He does agree two-family residential properties are in the area and would not be a detriment to this site. 

There were no comments from the public.  Mr. Frazier asked that a board member who is not present be requested to listen to the tapes and vote on this application at the next  meeting.  This application will be continued at the June 26 meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy,

Recording Secretary

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