Planning Board Minutes 8/26/2010

Planning Board & Borough of Kenilworth

August 26, 2010

The meeting began with an affirmation of the Open Public Meetings Act.  The schedule of meetings is on file in the Borough Clerks’ office, was posted on the bulletin board, and has been mailed to the Cranford Chronicle, the Kenilworth Leader, and the Star Ledger.  All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The Board approved the July 22, 2010 minutes.  Approval was given to pay the Recording Secretary.


Roll Call:  Present: Mr. Lepore, Ms. Bogus, Mr. Sica, Mr. Candarella, Mr. Manee, Mr. Cuppari, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Cammarota.

Absent:  Mr. Picerno (excused), Mr. Pantina, and Mr. Pugliese.

Communications:  Ms. Bogus said there are no communications to report.

New Business:  NTM Properties zone denial appeal, 100 N. 12th St., Block 59, Lot 1;

Lincoln serv/equipt co.(warehouse and repair) –not permitted use in I zone. 

Mr. Joseph Papparo is the attorney representing NTM Properties.  He said this area is in the Industrial zone, formerly National Tool Company.  Lincoln Service Equiptment of Union wants to move into a part of the warehouse at 100 N. 12th Street.  The zoning officer determined this permit be denied on July 14, 2010, saying the use would require a variance.  The NTM appeal is that Lincoln Service is essentially industrial, with a repair service as a secondary use.  They only service their own equiptment (street sweepers, etc.).  There are no sales conducted at the site.  The attorney addressed the zone denial, stating every industry needs to repair their own equiptment.  A site plan approval application has been filed.

Sworn in:  Mr. Bob Herbert, Kenilworth zoning official.  His decision was made because servicing and maintaining heavy equiptment is not an Industrial use (Ord. #197). 

Mr. Papparo said the business is not a “garage” for street sweepers, they just service the equiptment they sell. 

Sworn in: Mr. William Zeus, Jr., president of NTM Properties.  He went to the Lincoln Service site in Union.  The main business is to sell new street sweepers; they also give oil and battery changes for their customers.  The business tries to fix the equiptment at the break down site, rather than tow the equiptment to the Lincoln garage.  Two or three trucks with trailers are utilized on a daily basis.  This is a manufacturing or industrial facility, as is permitted in the Industrial zone.  The facility will not be open to the general public for sales.  Although oil and petrol will be administered to the equiptment, it is not considered a service station.  The tenant would like to move into the building by December. 

Mr. Herbert addressed the Board attorney: if time is essencial, this business should have applied for a variance, rather than appeal for a zone denial reversal. 

The meeting was opened to the Public. Sworn in: Mr. Joseph Geraldi, representing his borther who lives near Block 59, Lot 1.  He is responding to the Site Plan application notice.  He said the present company creates a periodic noise.

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 His brother would like a sound and sight barrier insalled, as flexi-van was required to do.  He would like to have any noise limited.  The Board chairman said this is a matter of the Site Plan review, which will be scheduled for a hearing in the future.  Mr. Geraldi will be notified when that segment will be heard.

A motion was made by Mr. Candarella to uphold the zone denial, 2nd by Mr. Cammarota.  All in favor:  Mr. Lepore, Ms. Bogus, Mr. Sica, Mr. Candarella, Mr.Manee, Mr.Murphy. Mr. Cuppari, and Mr. Cammarota.

Application #317 & #6-10, A & J Twin Realty LLC, RE: 627 Boulevard, Block 120, Lot 4,    Site Plan-Bar/Restaurant in L C zone & parking variance.

Mr. Stephen Hale is the attorney representing A & J.  His client is proposing a restaurant at 627 Boulevard, adjacent to a gas station.  There is insufficient parking at the site, but they plan to provide valet parking at another location. 

Sworn in: Mr. Michael Salomin, Architect.  He said the client plans to remove partitions inside the building, and create a dining room and meeting room (152 seats), and bar (6 seats).  The tenant has a number of restaurants in Staten Island.  New HVAC systems, sprinkler system, as well as other interior improvements will be provided.  The exterior brick front will remain the same, but the parapet will be raised, and an extended canopy to the sidewalk and around the building.  It will be a Spanish restaurant.  The new main entrance will be on the side of the building will be added.  A “grease trap” will be installed to contain cooking grease.  The cost of renovation will be about $600,000 to $700,000, and will comply with all building codes. 

Sworn in: Mr. Sam Demiri, owner.   He said this proposed Spanish restraunt will employ about twenty workers.  The hours would be around noon until 10 p.m.

Alcohol deliveries would be made every other week, and linen deliveries and garbage pick-ups will be made two times a week.  He said Kenilworth has become “restraunt row”, and this will be an asset to our community.  Mr. Abrams will lease 40 parking spaces to him at 131 Michigan Avenue for valet parking.  A vinyl fence will be installed in the rear. 

Sworn in: Mr. Ed Dec, engineer. The building has 10,000 sq. ft.  He said there are ten existing parking stalls on the property.  The entrance will have a 24’ opening.  A “right turn only” sign will be positioned in front.  The dumpster will be enclosed by a mason wall, with a 6’ white vinyl fence in back.  Grading will be made from the back to front of the building.  Lighting will be recessed.  Eight parking stalls will be on site with a driveway access easement; fourteen stacked cars can be parked at the site.

Mr. Abrams signed a three-year lease for the fourty parking spaces at 131 Michigan Avenue (1,200 ft. away from the restraunt).

  Mr. Tripodi said off-site parking requires a use variance.  Mr. O’Brien said

any new plans should have been submitted ten days before the hearing, and tonight is the first time the plans were presented concerning the parking arrangements.  The proposed parking site may not be allowed in the suggested area. 

Mr. Sica asked if the 21’ driveway would be sufficient to accommodate valet cars coming back and forth.  Insufficient site parking would require a variance. 

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Grotto Engineering sent a letter indicating the depressed driveway curb would be increased from 16’ to 24’.  The proposal requires a front setback variance and parking variance (69 parking spaces are required).  The access aisle should be 24’, not 21’. 

Mr. Tripodi said this application could be bi-frucated: site plan and use variance, if the applicant would want to do so.  Mr. O’Brien said the application is incomplete and a use variance is necessary for off-site parking. 

The meeting was opened to the public. 

Sworn in:  Mr. Livio Mancino.  He mentioned the variances needed for this application.  He said the application should be presented to the traffic commission.  This area of the Boulevard is the third highest traffic area in the county.  He said customers who do not wish to use the valet service would park in other area business lots.  The parking situation is not trivial.  The twenty employees would park on the few available spaces on the Boulevard.  The expanded driveway will take away parking spaces.  Delivery trucks will hold up the traffic.  Even with the off-site parking, the applicant is asking additional relief of over twenty parking spaces. The water run-off situation was not addressed by the applicant.  A large restaurant will not benefit this particular site.  (The public audience clapped).

Sworn in: Mr. John Wykoff.  He is concerned about where the future customers will park.  His street is behind the building.  He said Kingston Avenue will become a parking lot for the clients and workers.  The exhaust fans will blow odors into the neighborhod. 

Sworn in:  Ms. Dobrowolski.  She said postal workers and strip mall workers already

use Kingston Ave.for parking.  The additional traffic is hazardous for the children who live on her block.  A six-foot high fence would not be high enough to block the noise. 

Sworn in:  Mrs. Sodino.  She said that because valet parking over half a mile away, customers will use area street parking, which is already over-used.  The proposed dumpster will be located in the nearby area of her back yard.  A restaurant draws rodents.  There are other locations in Kenilworth that would better suit a restaurant.  Mr. Sodino is concerned that the valet parking will be dangerous, trying to maneuver around the dumpster.

Sworn in:  Mr. Richard Falcetano.  He agrees this location is not a good site for a restaurant.  Valet parking will impede the flow of traffic. 

Sworn in:  Mr. Sal Calcanto, owner.  He said prior renters of this building did not keep the outside in good condition.  He purchased the property to improve the building.  He planned to replace the leaders and gutters to improve water run-off, and paint the exterior of the building.  He said the property owners on Kingston Avenue knew when they purchased their homes that the Boulevard was zoned for businesses.  He is withdrawing his plans and will sell this property. He will replace the leaders and gutters and paint the building.  He withdraws his application without prejudice.  He no longer wants to live or have a business in Kenilworth.

Application #318:  Leased to: IDL TechniEdge, Boright Realty, LLC, 30 Boright Ave., Block 6, Lot 4, Site Plan—for Manufacturing  Industrial products & variance

for 27 parking areas. Mr. Gary Falkin is the attorney for IDL TechniEdge.

  Sworn in: Mr. Quinn, president and CEO of IDL.

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 He said he wants to lease 40,000 sq. ft. of the property at 30 Boright Avenue (about 1/3 of the building).   IDL makes hand tools and blades.  It will employ 85 people, working three shifts. The first shift will be the largest (40 to 45 employees).  The parking requirement is for fifty spaces.  There is a 1,000 gallon ammonia tank used in heat-treating the blades.  The current IDL TechniEdge at Little Ferry has been in  business for over 25 years.  The noise level is low-grade.  Mr. Tony Peters, fire inspector, asked Mr. Quinn to explain the ammonia process.  Mr. Quinn said the nitrogen/hydrogen mix is used to make the knives bright.  If there was any possible ammonia leak, the tank would be shut down.  Mr. Candarella inquired about the location of the tank.  Mr. O’Brien said it is near a bike path behind the building, not visable from the path. 

Sworn in:  Mr. Ron Weiss, Architect.  He said IDL Tools will make the area ADL accessible.  Offices and a warehouse are recently existing at the site.  The ammonia tank will be stored outside the building near a mechanical area, not near offices. There will be nothing flamable nearby.  The number of parking spaces required is determined by a formula combining the warehouse area and office area. 

Sworn in: Mr. Dale Seidsma,  salesman for Tanner Industries, supplier of ammonia to

TechnniEdge.  IDL uses anhydrous ammonia (which means without moisture in the ammonia).  Tanner Industries has been in business for 55 years.  The proposed tank is a

1,000 gallon ammonia unit that will hold 850 gallons.  The safety features are: excess flow valves, relief valves and gauges.  The location will have a new tank installed.   A sign that states emergency contact numbers will be placed on a fence near the tank.  A 24-hour service will respond if there are any problems.  There will be a once-a-month delivery of the ammonia.  The driver makes the hook-ups.  Ammonia has the same basic properties as propane.  Safety  awareness is promoted.  Awareness training is given to all employees.  Equiptment is inspected every time a delivery is made.  The tank-owner is expected to keep the tank rust-free.  A good single-wall tank can last about 50 years. 

Mr. Tony Peters, fire inspector, is concerned about any possible openings in the building where ammonia could leak. 

Sworn in:  Michael Lanzafama, engineer.  He described the property at 30 Boright Avenue as a six-acre site in the Industrial zone.  It is a manufacturing-style building.  The parking area had  160 spaces, but an added access driveway reduced the number to 153 spaces.  There are eleven future spaces on site; two additional handicapped spaces will be added to comply with the ADA requirements.  Ninty additional spaces are “banked”.  At this facility, the  243 parking spaces may never be needed.  They will meet all other aspects of the zoning laws. The site has been vacant for 1 ½ years.  Steel ballards protect the ammonia tank.  Truck traffic will have free movement in the loading area.  Regarding the lighting and landscaping, IDL TechniEdge will comply with the engineers and planners reports.  Subject to this, a motion to approve the site plan and parking variance was made by Mr. Cammarota, 2nd by Mr. Candarella.  All in favor: Mr. Lepore, Ms. Bogus, Mr. Sica, Mr. Manee, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Cuppari, and Mr. Cammarota.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 10:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet M. Murphy, Planning Board Recording Secretary

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