Planning Board Agenda 1/6/2011

Borough of Kenilworth

PLANNING BOARD / Board of Adjustment


JANUARY 6, 2011

1.   Reading of the Open Public Meetings Act (Sunshine Law)

2.   Pledge of Allegiance

3.   Roll Call

4.   Approval to pay the Secretary

5.   Meeting is turned over to the Mayor for re-organization purposes

*    Introduction of new members

*    Election of Officers

*    Appointment of Board Attorney

NOTE: Only regular members are permitted to vote; the Alternates and the

Mayors Designee will abstain from voting, unless needed.

6.   Communications

7.   Vote for Board Officials: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary

8.   Vote for Recording Secretary

9.   Vote for Board Attorney

10.  Approval of the 2011 Workshop and Regular Meetings Calendar


12. Adjournment

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