Department of Public Works


Department of Public Works
239 Sheridan Avenue
Kenilworth, N.J.07033
Tel. - 908-276-5073
Fax.- 908-272-4901

Dan Ryan, Superintendent
Walter Krieck, Foreman
Derick DeFuria, Foreman

The Department of Public Works is dedicated to help provide a safe quality of life for all our residents.

In addition to sanitation, brush and leaf collections, road, sewer, park maintenance and tree services, the department is responsible for repair and maintenance of all Borough buildings, vehicles and equipment.

We maintain our Borough�s underground infrastructure.� From the sanitary sewer lines in town as well as the manholes, 548 storm water catch basins, and a pump station.� We maintain our two miles of Borough roads, primarily dealing with pothole patching, street sweeping, snow removal and line striping.� We clean and repair Borough owned buildings, dealing with problems such as plumbing, heating and air conditioning and maintain and repair Borough owned vehicles and equipment.


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